I watched a dozen people alive a moment ago, and died in the blink of an eye. Several of them were immediately worried.

Especially over there, Qinggeertai and Tan Kite were also shrouded in black fog, and both of them went crazy.
Tan Yuan grabbed Qinggeertai’s neck and Qinggeertai tried to turn over and bite Tan Yuan.
A flying knife was inserted in front of Yu Huifei, which was thrown by Song Dongcheng.
Seeing this flying knife, my eyes suddenly lit up, and I hardly hesitated to take out a cucumber from my crotch and throw it at Song Dongcheng.
Song Dongcheng is not very close to Yu Hui, and I will hit it with one blow!
Song Dongcheng was dumped by a cucumber in the face and immediately flew into a rage and turned to Yu Huifei to say hello.
Yu Huifei shouted, "Brother Lang!"
Cowherd and mace waved and flew the flying knife department out. He held a mace by himself, just like an unbreakable gate, to protect Yu Huifei from death.
This angered Song Dongcheng more and more. He kept throwing flying knives at Yu Huifei and ran here after throwing them. He wanted to fight with Yu Huifei desperately.
I will not laugh at this.
Since this trick is in charge, it can be done to one of our own.
I will not be a cucumber and hit Qinggeertai’s big head. At the same time, I cried, "Qinggeertai, if I hit you, don’t hit me!"
Qing, Thai a listen to suddenly looked up …
Another cucumber hit him in the face.
I’m not without thinking about throwing away, but here, besides stones, stones hit people, which is no different from killing people.
The rest will only choose cucumbers. One is to smoke casually in large quantities.
Second, hitting the undead can also irritate each other.
Now a cucumber throw in the past really worked.
Although Tan Yuan also caught Tsinger Tai, she was bound with little strength after all.
On the harm is far from enough, and it will not be as powerful as cucumber.
Qinggeertai screamed again and got up despite his leg injury!
On the other hand, Song Dongcheng had already rushed to Yu Huifei’s face, but he didn’t wait for him to do anything. Cowherd reached over and pressed the other person’s forehead to get close to him and asked Yu Huifei, "What?"
I will not have a good impression on Song Dongcheng and directly replied, "Just stun him and tell him not to make trouble."
Cowherd spent his whole life, and then the big bus palm swung over!
Listening to that sound is like shooting a gun. It’s crisp and pleasant. The cave echoes away.
At the same time, I will not see Song Dongcheng being pumped for seven times. Finally, Zhang’s mouth seems to be awakened for a few minutes and I want to criticize …
Cowherd slapped Song Dongcheng in the past again, and then turned seven times in the opposite direction. After that, his eyes turned over and he fainted.
Then the cowherd threw it into the distance behind him like garbage.
Yu Huifei looked at Song Dongcheng’s swollen face like a pig’s head. Yu Huifei coughed, "One slap is enough."
Cowherd said, "two slaps are safe."
I don’t want to think about it. I don’t know each other well anyway. Save his life. Why slap him twice? So I will not say, "Feel free …"
Qinggeltai came here, too, but he ran and struggled with the kite, and finally the rope tied to them broke.
Tan kite fell to the ground …
Seeing this scene, I will throw cucumbers at Tan Kite to attract Tan Kite.
As a result, Tan Yuan seems to have been thrown for a long time without response.
On the contrary, Qinggeltai rushed over like a little crazy cow.
Cowherd, though a little headstrong, is not stupid enough to know that he can’t smoke this, so he reaches out his big hand and presses his forehead to let him get close to him, and then looks back at the rest of the meeting. "What the hell?"
I will not say, "knock it out gently."
Cowherd nodded slightly, knocked on Qinggeertai, uh-huh, and lay down.
Cowherd with a will gently threw it into the Song Dongcheng body not far behind him. This moment, the big chaebol family brother directly turned into a Qinggeertai exclusive human flesh mattress.
I’m too lazy to understand this. He’s throwing a kite at Tan, trying to wake her up.
At the same time, I will keep pulling out a cucumber with my other hand, and I will give it to the cowherd to help throw people.
After a meeting, I had to give him a cucumber about the size of Cowherd, but when he saw the cucumber flying out, he directly hit a somersault with his eyes turned white and almost belched on the spot. After that, he gave him a cucumber that was as big as his little finger and twisted it.
The advantage is that this kind of ammunition is disposable, and he can make up for the shortage of talent in cowherd throwing.