"Whose eternal special warfare team has a fighting team at the accident site?" Asked Dan Rick, head of the Freedom Special Operations Group in Milian District.

"We have a battle team near that coordinate, but it’s 500 kilometers away from that coordinate, and it takes 50 minutes at the earliest to get there," replied Larry Wang, head of Indra War Regiment in India.
"The eternal special warfare group is finished!" Slavic special warfare regiment head Mr Rona sighed
"This is the Eldar LeiXiang stared at? All units will see if there is any possibility of rescue? " Zhulangkou
The atmosphere of the six joint command channels has become dull.
Hill Communication Channel, the head of the Eternal Special Operations Group, did not roar and scream from time to time.
"There are ten minutes to get there and rescue us from 1 gram of source crystal." Clade, head of the European Union War Corps, was in a hurry
This time, the loss of the European Union area is not small because of the invasion and plunder. I originally thought that there would be gains to fill it.
But a few days ago, the ore refining center was destroyed by the Eldar Thunder Elephant.
Now the house leaks, and it rains all night. They are stared at by the Eldar Leixiang team, one of the three special warfare groups in the European Union!
This is more deadly!
Due to the distribution of interests, the eternal special warfare group has not been stationed outside the 14 th base to fight hard
There is no base for defense, relying on temporary shelters in the wild, and there is no defense at all
And they are faced with at least seven gene evolution in the strong raid.
Once the law organizes effective defense and is rushed into it by the Eldar Thunder Elephant Team, it will become a massacre!
A bad eternal special warfare team will really be removed!
Once that happens, the loss in the Europa League will be as high as the sky!
Even though the six joint command channels offered a reward of up to 1 gram for the source crystal, no one answered the phone.
"If 2 grams of Yuanjing can get there in ten minutes, we will pay 2 grams of Yuanjing!" Clade is really going to vomit blood
Nobody can save this!
They’d like to save it, but it’s too far!
The six joint command channels remain silent.
Most people want to save, but they have no chance because of time and distance.
And even if there is a special warfare team in the joint area nearby, I am afraid I will measure my strength first if I can’t save it when it comes to rescue.
Without great strength, I’m afraid I won’t save even when the time comes.
2 grams of source crystal is of high value but life is more important!
At this time, getting together is no different from dying.
"It’s not that you don’t save, but that you don’t come …" Qiankou Larry Wang Nai said.
Clade, the head of the European Union War Corps, gave a furious roar!
No.2 base Xu tui frowned.
The Eldar Thunder Elephant Team moved, but unexpectedly raided the Eternal Special Combat Team in the Europa League.
Several raids by the ex-Eldar Leixiang team are mainly due to the fact that the Blue Star Terran has a base defense here, and the loss is very small.
The Xie Ling clan’s building is very strong because it resists the ultra-low temperature and strong wind of Jifeng No.7 resource star.
But this time, the Eternal Special Combat Team in the European Union area was raided in the wild, and I am afraid that the loss will be very miserable!
To rescue
I don’t know how he will choose if Xu retires nearby.
However, Xu tui showed the location of the colony through Mitsubishi Ding. From the coordinates of the attack of the Eternal Special Operations Group, there are two squads holding Mitsubishi Ding’s colony, which are very close to that coordinate!
But there is no meaning of rescue.
Don’t say it’s close.
These two clusters of Mitsubishi colony light spots are far away from the attack position of the eternal special warfare group at this moment!
This is a safe haven!
This matter can be evaluated by law!
It is also important to be able to rescue the strength balance.