The priest shrugged his shoulders, which is now clear. He said, you must be extremely skeptical by nature and too kind-hearted to guess what happened.

Are you really like this? Dantè s couldn’t help saying, Ah, that’s really despicable.
What is Danglars’ usual handwriting?
Beautiful hand, good character.
What is the handwriting of that anonymous letter?
Fall back a little
The priest smiled again. Oh, it was disguised, wasn’t it?
I don’t know, but even if it’s disguised, it’s extremely profitable
When a priest said that he picked up his weighing pen and dipped it in the ink, then his left hand wrote the first three words of the informer letter on a small piece of cloth. Dants stepped back and looked at the priest in horror.
Ah, that’s incredible, he exclaimed. Your handwriting is exactly the same as that snitch letter.
This means that the tip-off letter was written by the left hand, which I noticed.
That is, the handwriting written by the right hand is different from person to person, while those written by the left hand are all the same.
You obviously don’t know anything.
Go ahead and say it
Oh, okay, okay.
Now it’s time for the second question. Who doesn’t want to see you Mercedes get married?
A person is a young person who also loves her.
What’s his name?
That’s a Spanish name.
He is a Catalan.
Do you think he will write that letter?
Oh, no, he wants to get rid of me. He’d rather stab me.
The Spaniards have a true character. They would rather be murderers than cowards.
Besides, Dantè s said that he had no idea about the various plots involved in the letter.
Have you never told anyone?
Didn’t you say anything to your mistress?
Nothing. I haven’t told my fiancee.
Then danglars wrote the question
I think it must be him now, too
Wait a minute. Does Danglars know Fernand?
No, he did. Now I remember.
Remember what?
The day before my engagement, I saw the two of them sitting together in Papa Bonle’s arbor. They were very affectionate. Danglars was joking in good faith, but Fernand looked pale and angry.
Just the two of them?