The stage is divided into three zones, one performing bangqiang opera, one performing folk acrobatics and one performing new fashion.

On the east stage of folk acrobatics, two old people are performing shadow play.
Many employees in their 40 s and 50 s are on the side of acrobatics and traditional Chinese opera stage, while young employees are near the new fashion stage.
At present, the Suiren Literature and Art Association is managed by time information, which belongs to the people’s hobby association and is also an institution to cultivate employees’ hobbies.
Time information film and television company has just been established for more than a month, and there are no big names and some small bands.
Compared with other entertainment companies, time information film and television company is a completely different entity, and there is a huge difference between the two in positioning.
The signing artist is an employee, not an artist.
At present, the film and television company has signed up more than 30 artists and artists to go on tour in addition to training.
Huang Xiuyuan walked around the scene and returned to the new fashion stage.
It was just the turn of special guest Rowling to appear.
As soon as the prelude sounded, the slightly hoarse bass spread around from the stage.
"The first snow in 22 years came later than before …"
Many people at the scene sang along.
The so-called good side will naturally be in charge of the film and television company Baiyang naturally knows some hobbies of the big boss
The weather vane of time film and television is naturally in line with the big boss, knowing that the boss is from Lingnan and likes to listen to Cantonese songs, and the songs in Minnan are close to the old folk songs. I specially went to Xinjiang and invited Luo Lin to come to Shandong Province.
I personally came to Poplar to secretly glance at the boss and secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
Huang Xiuyuan listened to the vicissitudes of life while eating the hawthorn cake on the table. Soon after three songs, Rowling was ready to leave.
He turned his head to poplar commanded a few words.
Soon Rowling went from the background to the front of the stage.
"Mr. Luo, please sit down." Huang Xiuyuan got up and took the other person to sit down.
Rowling, wearing a cap, smiled without being too stiff and replied, "Thank you."
"Speaking of which, I am still a fan of Mr. Luo."
"I’m very happy that manager Huang likes my songs."
The two were talking and laughing, and the singer on the stage was time film and television, and a female artist seemed to be from Guangfu.
Being myself in Cantonese is also one of the few Cantonese songs today. His songs are all Chinese singers.
Although Huang Xiuyuan doesn’t like songs, it suits the public’s taste, unlike some songs, he doesn’t know how to appreciate them.
He used to live on these old songs to alleviate the mental torture of hypermnesia in that period of low memory.
To some extent, he is a pure man.
"Mr. Luo is not interested in joining Time Film and Television?"
In the face of this sudden invitation, Rowling hesitated for a moment and shook his head. "No, if we meet organically, we can still."
Huang Xiuyuan didn’t force "it’s a pity that the door of time film and television is always open."
"If one day I have the idea of signing a company, I will definitely come to Time Film and Television." Rowling smiled and realized that he was very fond of Huang Xiuyuan because he was a native of Jiangren, Shu Province, and his donation of 150 million yuan alone was enough to harvest a large number of passers-by powder.
The New Year’s Eve party lasted from nine o’clock to three o’clock.
At noon, the employees of the department had dinner together. Huang Xiuyuan also chatted with many employees about their parents or asked about their work.
Seeing the employees go home happily with the exchange items around the stove, he felt relieved and heavy on his shoulders.
He suddenly said, "For an enterprise, we must never be divorced from the grassroots employees. Your security department should continue to strengthen and unite the grassroots employees as much as possible."
"Far away, don’t worry, we have formed a trade union at the grass-roots level, and the night shift training will continue," Huang Weichang replied unswervingly
Maybe many things seem trivial to us, but it is possible that you can summarize an employee’s life and report to me once a month.
"The other thing is to strengthen and target the training of employees, especially grass-roots employees, and to pull out those who love the company so that they can get promotion channels and become the backbone of the company."
"I’m white"
Huang Xiuyuan picked up the phone and called Rongcheng’s parents for more than half an hour.