Hang Yu has nothing to reward the dog.

I gave the dog a few extra tree essence fruits.
The fruit of tree spirit can increase the maximum value of spirit, but for dogs, it can not only increase a few points of spirit, but also increase evolutionary points by eating this kind of food.
Hang Yu put the dog into the spirit beast.
The two of them went back to the necromancer temple to replenish a batch of scrolls. Hangzhou local tyrants bought fifteen scrolls at a time and added a batch of secret fire flying knives, and then they went here again.
"Let’s go home."
Hang Yu and Angelnan both launched the delivery reel.
The two men were sent back to Goblin camp by a force.
When they came back, they immediately attracted people’s attention. Hang Yu was dressed in a cool suit, so I won’t go into details. Now even Jiang Nan is wearing a level 4 white dress and a level 4 polar necklace.
From the treasure chest, the priest’s chain mail can cover the thigh after wearing it, revealing a pair of long white calves. It’s embarrassing to wear pants when you go outside.
This armor attribute is not high.
But at least the level 4 plain equipment is much better than ordinary equipment.
Fortunately, it is still very early, and people in the camp generally go out to fight monsters, otherwise the sensation will definitely be quite big.
Hang Yu thinks it’s not good to be too ostentatious to avoid trouble.
He rummaged through the equipment stone tablet in Goblin camp and spent three gray crystals to buy a first-class dark gray equipment "worn-out grass cloak" which has no attributes and can be called garbage.
However, the cloak can cover up the equipment and make itself less eye-catching. In addition, the color of the cloak is close to the protective color, which is somewhat different
Then Wang cong got the news and hurried back.
"Boss, you’re finally back. You’ve been waiting so hard!"
"Don’t bother with the skill stone?"
"Here, here!"
Hang Yu took out the fear skill stone onion and exchanged the eagle eye skill stone less.
When both of them show their smiles and use their skills.
Conditions for eagle eye learning
No aura at all.
Directly accessible
[Hawkeye Skill] (Scout accepts debris) Current skill level 1 Reiki /15 Observing the surrounding area from a bird’s-eye perspective consumes 1 point of mental energy per second, with a maximum duration of 5 seconds and a cooling time of 3 seconds.
Sneak, throw, eagle eye
All three skills are collected.
Hang Yu hasn’t changed yet, because Hawkeye has not been upgraded to full level, he must upgrade all three skills to full level at the same time to activate Cheng.
Sneaking and throwing are full!
Upgrade in Hawkeye? Reiki demand is very low!
Eagle Eye Level 1 to Level 2 requires 15 Reiki, Level 2 to Level 3 requires 35 Reiki, which adds up to only 5 points.
Hang Yu has about 15 aura.
Hawkeye is promoted to level 3 in minutes.
Hang Yu immediately felt the changes in his body, and the three skills and abilities gradually merged. Finally, generate produced more powerful effects and new information forces emerged.
"Get the professional commitment of the scout"
A familiar and majestic voice rang in my mind.
The three skills of typing personal information template disappeared.
They were merged into the "scout" profession and their departments were strengthened.
[Reconnaissance] Permanent Agility Increase +2 Permanent Vitality Increase +2 Permanent Spirit Increase +2 Permanent Movement Speed +5
[Enhanced Stealth] Skill level 3 consumes 7 points of spirit to enter stealth state, and at the same time moves at a speed of +6. Skills start for 5 seconds, the longest duration is 45 seconds, and the cooldown is 6 seconds.
[Intensive Throwing] Skill level 3 consumes 3 points of mental energy, and the damage caused by throwing attacks is directly proportional to the physical attack. The basic killing range is 35 meters, and the skill is cooled for 5 seconds.
[Enhanced Hawkeye] Skill level 3 can be used for overlooking detection mode or normal visual angle detection mode, which can detect low-level invisible targets. It consumes 2 points of mental energy per second, the longest duration is 1 second, and the cooldown is 3 seconds.
Although it is a low-sequence career commitment.
But the increase effect is very strong!
Just the increase in the permanent attribute of the body makes Hang Yu seem to wear one more piece of equipment, and the agility attribute of 2 points makes the combat power rise a lot.
In addition, all bearing skills have been strengthened.
The starting speed of Level 3 stealth is greatly increased, and it can be increased by +5 seconds when sneaking quickly in battle.
Level 3 throwing base power increases base range +5 meters. When it cools down, it changes from 1 second to 5 seconds. Except that you can’t throw at the same time, this skill base is just like no cooling.
The 3-level Hawkeye original investigation mode adds another investigation perspective, which can not only overlook the investigation ground on a large scale, but also strengthen the normal vision, directly strengthen the vision, and must have the ability to detect invisible targets.
What did two dog Hangyu Spirit Beast feel immediately?
He cried in the spirit beast, "Ow, boss, your strength seems to be high again. Congratulations!"
On the whole,
Is it normal height?
This is another qualitative leap!
That’s why Hang Yu has to get the Hawkeye Skill Stone!
It is better to concentrate on collecting a set of skills because of learning five and six skills, and once you gain professional competence, you will often get immediate results