Several figures of a small boat were looming, and a man stood at the bow and shouted, "Brother Zhaimen and Brother Wu are back!"

Someone heard it and immediately said to Classical, "Brother Classical, look, it’s brother Gong and Wu. They’re back. Come on, Zhaimen …"
I have to say that Sung River has won people’s hearts, and I have seen Sung River and Wu returning to stay for most of the leaders to show excitement one by one. Although there is no mouth, they are all looking forward to looking at Classical at the moment.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven The shanzhai is broken!
Classical eyes calm than toward the leaders looked at seems to be aware of the classical strange place original a face of excited color several leaders heart not hitched a.
No one is stupid. On weekdays, everyone knows the problem of Song Jiangtong’s classical style, especially Song Jiangsi’s private cliques, which means a lot.
Because of the simplicity of classical mind and chest, it seems that he is not at ease with these things, which also encourages many people’s arrogance
Compared with Song Jiang’s means to be straightforward and classical, there is naturally no Song Jiang who will win people’s hearts.
Well, for the sake of classical personality, although Liangshan has a faint tendency to be divided into two factions, these hidden dangers have not erupted until now
Although Song Jiang said that he had taken away some confidants, how could Song Jiang not leave some confidants among the shanzhai?
For example, liying, Lei Heng, and Zhu Tong, a few people, can be said to be Song Jiang’s confidants, but they were left behind by Song Jiang.
It was Lei Heng and Zhu Tong who shouted the loudest just now.
But classical strange let several people closed their mouths and frowned slightly.
That is, at this time, a small boat in the distance gradually approached Dazhai, and behind the boat was a piece of routed troops, which looked very scary.
Look at those routed troops, and you will know that these shanzhai foot soldiers have lost all order. If they really hit the Zhaimen, these routed troops will definitely be afraid to wash the Zhaimen regardless.
Sung River, Wu Shixiu and Yang Xiong finally drew near to Dazhai, but what they saw was that the Zhaimen was closed and bows and arrows pointed at them.
See this situation sung river is not a shock in the heart at the same time Wu also looked at sung river, and they looked at each other.
Taking a long breath, Song Jiangchang said, "Brother Classical, please take the gate!"
Dozens of feet apart, but both sides can see each other clearly and hear clearly after shouting.
Classical looked at the boat from afar, and several people in Song Jiang said faintly, "You know that once the village gate opens, the troops will rush in, and I’m afraid it’s over!"
Sung river, Wu two people look a classical this means refused to Zhaimen.
The two men turned around and looked behind them, and they saw that it was dark and there were thousands of people. Most of these people were their confidants.
It can be said that this time Song Jiang and Wu went to war, but they brought out 70% of their elite hands, more than 20% of them said that when they realized that they were lost to loyalists, Song Jiang and Wu first thought of these hands.
These elites are the foothold of their shanzhai. Without these elites, the words in their shanzhai will definitely fall into the valley.
Song Jiang couldn’t help but give a big gift to Classical, saying, "The loyalist hasn’t been killed yet. At this moment, the Zhaimen has come, so please ask your brother Renyi to give the brothers a chance to live!"
When the soldiers around him saw it, they couldn’t help shouting, "Let us in at Zhaimen!"
These routed troops were frightened by the officers and men. Seeing the loyalist getting closer and closer behind them, it happened that the village gate ahead was closed. These people just didn’t directly impact the village gate.
Lei Heng in the shanzhai looked at Song Jiang and others, biting their teeth, and said to Classical in the previous step, "Brothers are all their own brothers. Do you really want to sit back and watch the male brothers fall into the hands of loyalists?"
Classical is glanced at Lei Heng with a cold face, pointing to a crowd behind him. "Lei Heng, you should also keep your eyes open and have a good look at my family members of the ten thousand brothers in the cottage. You can count on the protection of the cottage. Have you ever thought about what will happen once the village gate is opened …"
Lei Heng one leng consciousness way "but sung river elder brother they …"
Classical waved his sleeve and said, "I’m sure he can understand my good feelings!"
After that, Chao Gai said to the boat Song Jianggao, "There are many old and weak gates in the village of Gongxian and Xiongdi. You must never ask Xiandi to forgive me. If you want to blame me, blame Brother!"
Song Jiangwen couldn’t help but look at the classical in disbelief. Song Jiangwen couldn’t help wondering if this was the classical king of once upon a time in america’s broad-minded Tota.
Is Wu also a suspicious look at classical, that is, this time behind a shout to kill.
Looking back, I saw a figure stepping on the water, and the place where I passed brought up a bloody rain. Isn’t it Hu Yanzhuo’s first loyalist?
Yang Xiong, Shi Xiu, several people can’t help but show their awe when they see this situation. Even though they are not afraid of death, they don’t want to be afraid of sacrifice. In the face of Hu Yanzhuo’s strong nature and man, they will be killed even if they don’t hold up a move. Maybe the other party will not be at ease.