He didn’t want to go to the secret land to hide before the disaster arrival, and he didn’t want to hide in the ruins to avoid this disaster.

This time the disaster was extremely hot, and he was not afraid to adjust it. He was not too worried about the temperature at all.
Even if it’s broken, he can replace it with a new one as soon as possible, and make a new one. 17 degrees Celsius is the constant temperature in this room. It can be said that if possible, he can make every shelter he built to the present temperature.
Fire tornado and giant hail are the tough ones.
In particular, the size of the giant hail is a problem.
If it’s beyond imagination, I’m afraid the material and thickness of his shelter can’t help but be bombarded indiscriminately-the hail will last for several minutes to more than ten minutes. If huge hail falls from it at a very high speed, it is estimated that the stone walls of his shelter will be smashed.
Even he could imagine that the shelter was in ruins.
This is not an alarmist. The first disaster is corrosive snow. The second time, although it is an earthquake, it also forces the survivors to come out of the shelter and face the crazy mutating creatures in the dark.
How long has it been since the third acid rain flood? Acid rain and flood can all come out. It’s not too much for hail to come out.
Lin Yue doesn’t want to simply wipe his eyes and wait for the roof to be smashed before lamenting how big the hail is outside. He has now decided to be a high-level insurance for his shelter.
After hitting the unified panel, he immediately clicked on the shelter interface.
"Upgrade shelter material"
Lin Yue saw this option.
[Are you sure to upgrade the structural material stainless steel of the external wall of the shelter? Need stainless steel 7 units]
That’s a lot to pay.
Lin Yue saw that there were 59 units of stainless steel in the eye and went to the warehouse in the basement, and 12 units of stainless steel in the former stainless steel were included in the object.
Although these can be used to build greenhouses, the most important thing at present is the stability of this shelter
This is a very important problem. He doesn’t want to build himself up. Shujia ice hails and fire tornado is raging into ashes and ruins
Moreover, even if all the glass greenhouse materials are collected now, he can wait until the disaster is over before building it.
"Confirm upgrade"
[Confirm that upgrading the external wall structure of the shelter is the upgrading of the stainless steel shelter …]
The gentle white light cover almost everything in front of us.
[15%, 49%, 7% … End of upgrade]
The unified tone rang again and Lin Yue also saw …
"E … nothing has changed from the outside?"
The wall is still the original color and style.
Lin Yue walked to the wall, knocked and observed it carefully. The outermost layer was still stone, and …
"This is two or four walls? Have you upgraded to the sanqi wall? Boy "
The wall thickness of the partition room is much thicker than that of the past two or four walls, and Lin Yue also knows that this foundation should be the outer layer, but the precious stainless steel alloy is wrapped inside the rock!
He walked near the door and found that the thickness of the wall here has also increased, even thicker than before!
"Boy, four or two walls, right?"
He took out the box ruler in the toolbox and measured it. He found that the thickness of the outer wall of the shelter was actually much thicker, reaching 40 cm!
This thickness is … scary. It belongs to.
Even if the hail from the sky is the size of a small watermelon, there will be no problem, right
The outer two layers of extremely thick rocks are made of stainless steel alloy. If lightning protection is considered, you can get some articles on the outer layer.
Don’t say don’t do it again. The first disaster didn’t have much impact, did it?
Even if this main shelter really can’t resist the disaster, it still has a more ultimate insurance-to build an alloy shelter before.
If there is, even if the meteorite falls to the ground, it is estimated that it can carry it.
"It seems that hail is not afraid. fire tornado wants me not to put flammable materials outside, so there is no problem."
Lin Yue thought that there were some combustible materials in his hand.
Sulfur, saltpeter and a little will explode the gasoline depot.
There are a lot of miscellaneous things piled up outside, and we must find a way to put them away then.
Diesel oil and sulfur saltpeter, which are flammable and explosive, should be put in or deeper as far as possible. These things should be done a little bit and as soon as possible.
Today, there are no lizard people and beggars to make trouble. So far, he has been in and out of the secret realm smoothly and efficiently.
"Xiaobai shouldn’t be able to cross the saltpeter mine today. You can bring some food there later and then we’ll go to the secret land when we come back."
"Ga-woo" Xiao Bai nodded. It found that the owner took out the parachute that had fallen the day before yesterday and put a lot of food in this thick cloth and tied it up well.
Xiaobai walked out of the shelter and took this big bag of heavy food in his arms and quickly took off for the saltpeter mine, while Lin Yue came to several warehouses in the basement.