"Humble Terran, if you give in easily, the protoss can throw you an olive branch."

At this time, the face-to-face seems to be shaken after seeing Liu Yu’s fighting power. If you can get NDA, you may be able to create a truly immortal golden body!
Next time, they found that Liu Yu’s breath changed suddenly before and after the comparison. They were sure that this little body had a strong individual.
If you get it, it will definitely make their genes stronger.
And a few guys who look like Avatar in a cabin on Spaceship Mountain are shocked by such people. They have been looking for them for a long time.
Besides, they also found the diving binding program. Although this program is no longer broken or stopped, it is full of attraction for them to break some programs.
After analysis, this may be a god-made program system
"More than 100,000 years ago, our ancestors, the Milky Way, released a exploratory spacecraft. It seems that a distant star field found that an advanced technology fluctuated beyond our level."
"You mean that fluctuation comes from this person?"
A protoss member asked.
"Combined with the data from the unified security system, the signal sources we collected are coincident."
"That’s beyond all Wen Qiang!"
After a series of discussions, they finally decided to rest and catch the Terran. If they can master the powerful doomsday system, their protoss will be able to conquer the universe.
Although those code programs may be endless, they have a way to clone them!
If Liu Yu knew what they were thinking, I’m afraid he would be happy.
He is bent on repairing the existing body, but there is no response, but these guys say there is a way to say that friends can be one.
Chapter 9 negotiation
"Put more immortal to catch him."
Soon the spacecraft appeared in dense shadows, surrounded by demons, and their appearance was a complete massacre.
But Zheng magic is not nervous at all. Instead, it will look at the stone man. At the moment, a little golden light seems to be shining between the eyebrows of the stone man.
Before coming here, the stone man once had a one-night meditation and learned that the plane of the stone man belongs to measuring balance, and in fact, their appearance is not like this, but is psychic from the magic weapon refined by Tianfu Zun’s early sacrifice.
Take the case of the god of famine as an example. The stone man sent a statue to blow up the god of famine, and what is even more frightening is that these stone men have the power of killing. The stone man is running and the demon is responsible for drawing out more immortal objects, just the power of killing without waves.
"It’s a good show!"
Zheng Magic slapped an immortal body and smashed it into pieces, then retreated back to the stone man’s shoulder. He looked up at the figure all over the sky, but the corners of his mouth showed a sneer. He gently held out his hand and the magic piano was summoned. This is a powerful weapon for the soul.
Although these immortals are a perfect killing machine, they kill certain ideas, and if they want him to smash them, they will no longer be a threat.
"Boom!" The stone man moved it, and the golden light between his eyes roared with his mouth, and there was purple thunder in his huge mouth
"I hope your boundary is stable enough."
Zheng’s magic body flies like a floating feather. Ling Lixu is in front of him with a mysterious magic harp. When he waves, another magic harp appears suspended.
All over the sky, the immortal body swoops down, tearing the air and breaking the wind, and the ups and downs are like the roar of thunder.
Zheng magic ling sat with his hands in front of him and put his magic piano. His fingers turned into magic fingers at the moment and the strings were plucked up.
"Poop poop-poop! ! !”
When the melody rises, it is the first to get close to the immortal body, and the head bursts like a swarm of poisonous locusts for no reason. The high scene is spectacular.
The stone man stomped on the ground with one foot, and a golden array rose into the sky. The blazing light eclipsed the sun. When this big kill array blessed Zheng’s head, two magic harps roared and trembled violently.
Zheng’s hands move forward, and the intricate sounds have produced great lethality. The attack power of the Excalibur has increased greatly. This time, these immortal bodies are not just broken heads, but the whole Hwa-Sung Do has broken pieces.
Those’ Avatars’ of the spacecraft are like aliens who are strange to communicate with each other, but from their actions, it is not difficult to see that they are shocked
The huge virtual light screen has their logo, but at the moment, the lights of these models are going out quickly. In the past, these lights will restart as soon as they fall off in seconds, but this time the screen has extinguished the dark areas but never turned on again.
They know that these immortal bodies are finished!
This will be a huge loss!
"The horse stopped attacking. This powerful monk is not so easy to deal with."
After the fall of countless bodies, these so-called protoss parties are finally dreary.
But soon they sent new super soldiers. These super soldiers have been transformed, especially in the past few years, when they traveled in this hunting country, they found a lot of refined minerals. After refining, these super soldiers can not only improve their physique, but also transport their power. The mountain roots are no less than monks.
Some of these super soldiers are transformed super soldiers, including protoss and orcs, and some powerful creatures from other planets.
Together, these excellent bodies are called the Great Gods. They can not only grasp the power and shine the enemy instantly, but also challenge the monks when the power is strong enough.
"New trouble is coming."
The great god of the spacecraft rushed and broke the wind with terror.
A great god dressed in steel went to a chair with his hands rumbling, and actually lifted a mountain out, and then went beyond Liu Yu’s hard work.
Another person, his hands closed and the sky changed color, but there was a storm and hurricane, which appeared like a terrorist drill and went to assassinate him.
With a crackling roar, it was a great god with dark blue skin riding a thunder python, and the amazing thunder would crush the gas.
Zheng Mo took back the kill array sacrificed by the Magic Qin Stone Man and slowly disappeared.
After nine years, she looked at these people with slight changes in their looks. She didn’t feel spiritual fluctuations, but they could master these natural changes?
Is the so-called god really unfathomable
And she also knows that these so-called protoss people can’t have these small means, but they don’t make Cui Qiang hit at once, but slowly play cards, even if Liu Yu doesn’t die, he can almost die.
"You fix the true, though very strong, are you really our opponents?"
One of the great gods didn’t come out for the first time, but hoped that the prey would be caught.
"Man, I hope you can face your companions and think about what good it is to fight you?"
They are quite good at this, and now they have become a burden. Once they fight, even Zheng Mo can’t care about it.
However, he didn’t panic. "It seems that negotiation is a way."
"You’ll be quick. You’ll come with us. There are several important people who want to see you."
Those monks outside see that these protoss are connected with the Great God, and it seems that there will be a reversal change.
There are many protoss in this hunting country, and of course, whether they are real gods or not is unknown. They define themselves as protoss after mastering the Terran language.