As the spirit rose, Xu Ren finally found some traces in the college. There was a faint smell of blood in the white-gray photocopying area, but this smell of blood was deliberately processed like being directly absorbed by lime photocopying.

There are two possibilities in this situation. First, someone in the yamen servant deliberately hides the smell of blood if there is any. If so, the murderer of this person is likely to be hidden in the yamen servant. There is another possibility, that is, killing the family knows that the yamen servant will make lime copies of these people’s bodies, and deliberately processing the smell of blood, although he can remove the smell of blood by other methods, it can be hidden in the lime copy.
Xu Ren thinks that the latter is mostly possible, and the person who sucked the JingXie from this family is probably the monk who cultivated The Hunger Gong, so he dared to come out and suck the JingXie from the living. Most of the time, this person had trouble practicing The Hunger Gong or was seriously injured and had to rely on the flesh and blood of the living to maintain his life.
Xu Ren frowned. More and more, he felt that his idea should be very close to reality. There must be a problem in the cultivation of The Hunger Gong Ren or a serious injury caused by difficult recovery. This is the situation.
Thought of here, Xu Ren is no longer delayed in this homestead and flies directly away from the hospital to Yizhuang here.
Yizhuang is usually a lonely place, so is Yizhuang in this town, a hill a few miles away from the head of the village.
The mountain is not high, and the highest place is only six or seven feet away from the flat, but this is indeed a mountain.
Xu Ren was extremely fast, and after a few flicker, he had already reached the hill.
Yizhuang is not as simple as a few pavilions. There are high walls around it. This is to prevent some wild cats and dogs from sneaking into Yizhuang to eat the bodies of the dead. At the same time, there are high walls around others passing by, so I don’t have to be too afraid of the high walls. There is a big pavilion in the courtyard, and the pavilion is also separated by half walls.
Yizhuangshi is also guarded by someone. He is an old man in his sixties with rickets. His eyes and pupils are cloudy. Don’t wear a wine bottle gourd in his waist. His face is red and he should drink no less.
The old man swayed along the big courtyard path step by step.
Xu Ren frowned slightly. The old man should be an ordinary man without friar fluctuation, but Xu Ren always felt that he was not an ordinary man.
"The man has a special power that will exert great pressure on me." On the middle east inflammation of nourishing the soul beads when Xu Ren frowned.
"I know it should be a ghost." Xu Ren has suddenly realized that there are many kinds of monks in this world, one of which is a special name. Some people also call them ghost. These people are almost turbid. It is said that their eyes are turbid but their eyesight is not affected. Moreover, their turbid eyes are a kind of ghost house that can accommodate ghosts, but their physical ability has a strong suppression on ghosts.
I came to Xu Ren to sneak into Yizhuang, but since the other party is a ghost monk, it is not polite to sneak in like this, so Xu Ren jumped from the high wall and turned to the main entrance.
When Xu Ren jumped from the high wall to find the main entrance, the old man with muddy eyes smiled and smiled back at Xu Renqian’s position.
"The elder was traveling. The monk suspected that a few people died in the village before. They may have come here specially to see those bodies." After arriving at the gate, Xu Ren knocked on the door and directly said what he had come for.
"Come in, come in, you don’t think it’s too heavy, just go and have a look, but be careful." The old man staggered and knocked on the door and didn’t stop Xu Ren from seeing the mummies who had just been moved here.
"Thank you, senior" Xu Ren gave the old man a deep gift.
"Young people’s statecraft is a week". The old man’s face smiled. Xu Ren called him a predecessor and he did not deny it.
Xu Ren also you’re welcome directly to the several bodies parking position.
In fact, this large area of Yizhuang is where the bodies of this family are parked.
Xu Ren lifted a corpse in the lid and gave birth to black cloth. This is a seven-year-old child, which should be a girl, but at the moment, the seven-year-old girl’s body is shriveled and her appearance becomes very scary.
Xu Ren took out a piece of bamboo stick and gently dialed the girl’s mummy. Her eyes were shriveled and she found information.
Xu Ren released the spirit and included the little girl’s mummy when it was not long. A red ShaQi flew out of the little girl’s eyes.
Xu Ren carefully observed this blood ShaQi trying to find the meaning clue.
This blood ShaQi very bossy feel Xu Ren immediately after the breath of life.
Xu Ren was then detained with a wave of his hand. It’s not the first time he’s dealt with a sufficient amount of blood. It’s really terrible, and he doesn’t want to provoke it, but he still doesn’t pay attention to this small share of blood.
After watching for a while, Xu Ren’s face showed a dignified color. There was a familiar smell in this blood ShaQi and it was two.
"I didn’t expect you to have such a training at a young age, but I was always blind, and I didn’t even realize that these people had such a harmful smell. How did you notice it?" The old man looked surprised when he saw Xu Ren holding a small stream of weak blood in his hand.
"Predecessors didn’t find it because they didn’t practice The Hunger Gong before. I can find it because I have just seen such blood ShaQi since not long ago." Xu Ren smiled. Since it is determined that it is blood ShaQi, then these people died of death. It must have been absorbed by Brother The Hunger Gong, a practitioner.
"oh? It’s not easy to see a person who has cultivated The Hunger Kung Fu and still be able to live with his friends, but I don’t know what you are going to do with this bloody suffocation? " The old man nodded and didn’t doubt what Xu Ren said.
"This simple blood Shaqi is not an enemy or an enemy. There is a special blood Shaqi food-eating insect that can be swallowed by it." When Xu Ren spoke, a black bug flew out of the robe sleeve.
This bug is a spirit-eating bug, and immediately after it flies out, it pounces on Xu Ren’s blood ShaQi, and it will be swallowed up soon.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-three Two and a half acquaintances
"Little friend, this spirit worm is a bit strange. Do you have a name?" The old man in Yizhuang, a small town, looked at the black bug in Xu Ren’s hand and swallowed his face directly. His expression became more surprised.
"This is a celestial spirit worm who likes to eat all kinds of spiritual materials. They also have a feature that they are not afraid of blood and blood." Xu Rensi reasoned that it seems inappropriate to tell the elders that this worm is called swallowing a heavenly worm or a spirit-eating worm. Out of caution, he took two kinds of spirit-eating insects from their names, and removed the words swallowing a heavenly worm and leaving a celestial spirit.
"It’s really a strange bug with such power." The old man’s eyes seem to flash a little light. Maybe he also thinks that it is rare for a spirit bug to devour blood Shaqi.
"The elder has a problem. The elder should mean that Zhong Ghost Xiu knows who killed this family?" Xu Ren turned his attention to the ghost repair old man. Actually, it’s only a few miles from the town where the family was killed. Maybe the old man really knows about the murder of this family.
"Since my little friend has seen through my identity, I don’t hide that I really don’t know what happened when this family was killed that day, but the day before this family was killed, I felt a very strange smell in the town, saying that it seems that it is not right. It should be that two smells were abruptly twisted into one smell, but that smell is not like being swallowed up by your spirit worm before." The old man recalled it for a while before saying to Xu Ren.
"The elder is also a guardian here. Didn’t you go to see it or simply ask what happened?" Xu Ren frowned slightly. Although the old monk is a ghost, his fighting capacity may not be strong, but after all, he is also a long-term defender who watched each other kill the town people. It seems a bit unreasonable.
"Little friend, you think too highly of me. I may be able to fight World War I for ordinary monks, but for people at that level, if I go there, I will die and be blind. Although I have lived for a long time, I am not tired of living and dare not go to die." The old man shook his head by himself, but he didn’t hide that he was a ghost, but he didn’t do it, of course, and he didn’t dare.
"Predecessors are very direct. Since predecessors dare not provoke that smell, I wonder if I know where he has gone now." Xu Ren didn’t say much. Everyone’s life is meaningless once. Several irrelevant people take their own lives.
"Little friend, I can’t fight, but it’s ok to find someone. It’s very special for me to have two waves of spirit. I am also impressed by him. At this moment, I should also hide the town. It’s really courageous for a family to board that family, but because of this, they didn’t become the target of that person, because if something happens to this family, that person will be exposed." The old man guarding Yizhuang seems to be willing to help that person hide something and directly disclose the whereabouts of that person to Xu Ren.
"oh? It seems that this man is really courageous and still dares to stay here. He is really afraid that someone will find his head. "Xu Ren frowned slightly. He didn’t expect that the man would dare to stay in town after killing people.
"Art experts are bold. Anyway, people like me can pray that if he doesn’t bother me, where can he dare to bother him?" The old man guarding Yizhuang laughed at himself.
Xu Ren didn’t say much, but he found out a few bodies left.
There was nothing unusual in the first few, but when he found out the last man, his eyes froze instantly
Because one of the eyes in this man is not an ordinary eye, but a glazed eye, this man must have broken one eye and didn’t want to be blind all the time, so he replaced the blind eye with a glazed eye. Although he couldn’t let him see things, he made others feel inferior.
This person’s glazed eyes are not just ordinary glazed eyes. This kind of glazed glass is valuable. The most important thing is that this kind of glazed glass has a special ability, that is, it can be reflected in the picture at a certain time.
Xu Ren suddenly stopped. This is also when he saw the picture in the glazed eyes. The person in the picture is the ghost repair old man who is not far from him. More importantly, the place where the old man appears is not Yizhuang but this man’s home.
"What a ghost repair doyen. I didn’t expect that you are not only a ghost repair but also better at telling nonsense. Killing this person is you." Xu Ren stared at the ghost repair not far away and said coldly.
"Hey hey you found it’s a pity that you don’t feel late? Stepping here is doomed to your death in Xu Ren! " Ghost repair eyes are no longer hazy and gloomy, but have been replaced by blood ShaQi.
"Are you Tan Sui, the elder of Piaoyun Mountain?" After the elimination of Piaoyun Mountain, Xu Ren also searched the monks in Piaoyun Mountain and found that the characteristics of those who escaped from the Xu family that day were very similar to those of the elder Tan Sui of Piaoyun Mountain.
Today, after the old man showed blood ShaQi, Xu Ren felt the familiar breath, but he couldn’t be completely sure, because this personal breath was different like Tan Sui.
"I didn’t expect you to remember me, so I wondered how you can always hide here and touch you everywhere." The old man in Yizhuang stared at Xu Ren’s eyes and generate showed a strong sense of murder
"You don’t finish this breath is Tan Sui Murphy …" Xu Ren suddenly thought of a possibility.
"Hey, hey, you’re really smart. You guessed it again. Now I’m not all Tan Sui." The voice suddenly changed into a young voice, "I’m still Lu Xin."
"I didn’t know that you two had become this pair of people don’t ghost not ghost appearance but you two injury also not light? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to absorb the blood of a few ordinary people to recover the injury. Your practice is simply outrageous. Since I touched it today, I must completely kill you two. "Xu Renliang has drawn his own Xinghai sword.
"Want to kill me? It’s not that easy, but the old man doesn’t have time to pester you. I know you’re fierce. You’ll revenge for ten years. Let’s meet again soon. "Tan Sui, Lu Xin and Er Yi, an old man, suddenly straightened up and became a teenager, and then saw him wave his hand and then the whole righteous village shook.
"Not good!" Xu Ren gave a bad dark call, and then he felt that the earthquake broke out and the powerful impact broke out from his feet.
At this moment, Xu Ren didn’t want to wave a few round things like shields directly and flew out and wrapped his body into a ball in an instant.
In a moment, Xu Ren was thrown to the higher level by a powerful impact. When he fell, Yizhuang had been razed to the ground.
At the beginning of Xu Ren’s shock, he didn’t expect that the elders of Piaoyun Mountain, Tan Sui Shaoshan, had become so decisive after the combination of the two worlds. When he met him, Lien Chan directly detonated the ambush here without fighting.
Xu Ren exhaled a breath slightly, and this time it was thrilling, thanks to the golden carapace behind those shining golden mandrills that he brought out in the ancient land.
After coming out of Taigu Mysterious Land, Xu Ren will refine the golden carapace of shining armor and mandrill from there into a set of defensive instruments. The defensive force of the instruments has reached a high level, and it should barely be able to stop the monk in the abode of fairies and immortals from hitting today. Although the explosive power here is strong, the medium damage force is worse than that of the monk in the abode of fairies and immortals. Only by this set of defensive instruments can Xu Ren escape from heaven.
If we know that the ghost repair is Tan Sui, the elder of Piaoyun Mountain, and Lu Xin, the master of Shaomen, pretending to be Xu Ren, we can’t easily let this person go, so we will spread our spirit to find the trace of this person.
Although Brother Tan Sui, Lu Xin and Er Yi were cautious enough, Xu Ren’s powerful spirit still showed some clues, mainly because people were afraid that Xu Ren would not dare to confront Xu Renhou in the bone and even run very hastily. Otherwise, it would not be easy for this person to find their trace by means of Xu Ren’s spirit.
Follow the clues left by the man, Xu Ren traced them all the way out for more than a hundred miles, and the last hillside drove the man out
"Damn, do you have to kill them all?" By Tan Sui and Lu Xin, a monk gnashed his teeth at Xu Ren.
"Don’t want to keep you continue to hurt those koo people?" This time, Xu Ren has long remembered what he said, and his sword has already flown to the man’s side.
See Xu Ren attack to that by Tan Sui and Lu Xin together a monk quickly fight back.
Now this guy is really miserable. Tan Sui, the great elder, also had a fairy device, and he lost it when he attacked the Xu family. Now he has a sword with a multiplier in his hand.
Bang bang—
Xu Ren’s attack directly broke through the man’s defense, forcing the man to meet with a sword in his hand. However, although the strength of the two men after the merger of 2001 was still not up to the level of Tan Suisheng, it was not weak, but it successfully resolved Xu Ren’s offensive.
Xu Ren didn’t succeed once, and he was not discouraged. He directly waved Xinghai sword and launched a more violent attack.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four Struggle deep in the soul
In the face of Xu Ren’s attack, Tan Sui and Lu Xin joined together and a monk rose up to resist. Although their current state is bad enough, they are still alive. Today, if he can’t pass the hurdle of Xu Ren, they will end up dead. Moreover, because he is now two incomplete souls, even he can’t imagine what the result is after death. Anyway, it should not be too good. Whether he can enter reincarnation is also unknown.

The players who are least affected this time are all in the back line.

This may have something to do with the psychological quality of the defenders.
Because they are always being abused, their psychological quality is not good, and I am afraid they will collapse early.
They were beaten because they didn’t run in before the game and were suddenly arranged as starters. Everyone needs an adaptation process.
Now it’s running in
It’s Lazio’s turn.
Derry looked anxiously inside the stadium on the sidelines.
Sampdoria shot many times in half-time for 30 minutes, and the possession rate was also dominant.
But I just can’t score.
This situation made him smell a very bad taste.
Finally, the deadlock was broken in the 35th minute!
But the goal is not the home team Sampdoria but the visiting team Lazio!
"Passareira! A powerful header! Beautiful! The front scene has no advantage at all, and it does not occupy the first record of Lazioli’s corner kick opportunity! "
"Sampdoria are sure they have a chance to win the game, but Lazio are in the lead now!"
"Lazio’s starters seem to be slightly affected. That incident has not affected Lazio as much as people think …"
Seeing Passareira score is always better than winning. He clapped his hands from the coach’s seat.
He had been worried that Lazio would be in a bad state because of his attack.
This is indeed the case.
So he temporarily changed the starting lineup.
The purpose is to minimize the impact of this incident.
But he was always worried before Cesc Passareira scored.
I’m worried that these players have been hit hard because they are good at hiding themselves.
Now it’s okay. Lazio is one goal ahead. As Lazio is used to playing, it’s much easier to play after leading.
Delli naturally knows what Lazio is good at.
It’s going to be hard to kick them ahead of the game.
But now Lazio is in the lead!
The coach looked very nai with his hands open on the sidelines.
When Sai Passareira jumped up in the penalty area and headed the goal, none of the Sampdoria players around him jumped, so he watched the football strengthen and Castellacc guarded the goal …
Only then did he realize that the attack on Changsheng had a great impact not only on Lazio but also on Sampdoria-making Sampdoria players underestimate their enemies!
Their Lazio players are deeply affected and out of shape.
So they can easily beat Lazio …
Delry remembered that he had never said such a thing to them …

Guming suddenly felt a soft mass on his abdomen, and the other hand was just about to get bigger in his mysterious area, and his abdomen ached slightly.

"Don’t …" Gu Ming instantly reacted by grabbing each other’s two hands behind his back and pulling away to prevent him from infringing on his heart.
Yi is more exciting when she twists. How long has it been since she experienced it? I was worried that I couldn’t recover, but now I’m finally relieved. My hands are loose and my other hands are touching my back.
"Blare … blare …" Gu Ming also relieved and turned to the other side’s mouth and leaned in to breathe for a moment and it was not smooth.
"Tickle … tickle …" Yi Guming.
Turn over, roll your lips and stick them together tightly. Deep in your throat, you can’t help purring.
"Yi … uh-huh … I’m hot …" Holding a burst of ancient tea was thirsty and seemed to be on fire.
Suddenly, the other person’s head attacked the other person’s mouth, sucking his breasts and abdomen, which had been treasured for more than 20 years. Instead of showing pain, he was full of curiosity and joy.
"Don’t … don’t … easy …" Gu Ming noticed and cried shyly, covering her chest with her hands and struggling quickly.
"Uh-huh" is not willing to look around reluctantly, and the delicate skin in the mouth is slightly astringent with meat flavor.
After a while, it was easy to look up and stare at Guming with undisguised desire, but looking at each other’s look, my heart sighed slightly and silently conveyed the true qi to resolve the full desire.
Gu Ming’s eyes are somewhat resistant, and some are blurred, shy, and like orchid. "Will you stay with me for life?" Yi "seeing each other nod and move their lips is somewhat the pronunciation of the word" willing "
Gu Ming felt a hot heat flow in his heart and lungs, and he was filled with comfort. His right hand couldn’t help but hook Yi’s neck slightly and let his head lean against his thick muscles and protrude his shoulders from his body.
Gu Ming’s face is shy and happy, and his long hair is as thick as ink, and there are still a few strands of long hair on his left side. His cheeks are flushed and his eyes are closed, and his eyelashes are trembling gently to show his mood.
Easy to lift his left arm to the right, and then put Gu Ming’s head slightly to press Gu Ming’s head. It’s easy to take the opportunity to put his arm into her neck and forearm to take her shoulder.
Gu Ming leans to the right, his head, occipital muscles protrude, his shoulders protrude, his left hand hugs his waist, and his knees bend slightly, much like a couple who have slept together for a long time.
Easy to be full of love, my mind spread to the middle of the night to watch the ancient tea, but I saw her gorgeous as peaches and plums, charming and unusually pale yellow shorts embroidered with a few shy flowers to be released, showing her round hips with a slight bow and a steep desire.
Easy eyes can’t help but shine. "It’s been more than a year since the date of calculation." There is a faint fragrance and a smell on the nose, and the hand can’t help but poke around.
Gu Ming jiao hum half opened her eyes, and her hips shook and changed hands. She burst into a smug smile and called out "Yi … Yi …"
"pa!" A slight tremor in Gu Ming’s hips is easy for his left hand to be unclear and he can’t remake his face. He gently exhaled a polluted air and laughed. "Also called Yi? Is it time to change the name? "
"Elder brother Yi …" Guming said shyly.
"I didn’t hear you clearly just now." Yi slapped her hip again.
"Brother Yi …" Gu Ming said with a long sound and then blushed and buried his armpit.
"… nameplates … younger sister … hehe …" Yi’s left side and right hand also clung to Guming’s delicate and charming face, not from a burst of ecstasy.
Gu Ming was called by this "sister Ming" and her heart was like eating honey. She saw the other person’s slightly handsome face turn around and gave it a sweet kiss, then buried her head in his chest.
It’s easy to recover, full of doubts, and I don’t want to say anything disappointing. I can’t help but move the embroidered pink single blanket and shake it, and then I will open the cover for two people.
"Catch the road in the middle of the night, let’s just sleep. We’ll talk about it later." Easy light tone is no doubt. Put your arm around her in a comfortable position, close your eyes and let all your thoughts relax gradually.
"Well," Gu Ming snorted with joy, feeling each other’s body temperature, touching each other’s skin, sticking together tightly for months, and finally turning into a deep love, leaving all unhappy things behind. Nothing is more important than getting along with him.
The fourth volume GanKun copulation Chapter one hundred and thirty-one The warden was removed.
At noon on the 2 nd, the scorching sun hung high in the blue sky and shone on the prison. It was very clear and the clouds did not know the Tibetan side
But the bedroom of Guming’s residence is a bed, and they are sleeping soundly. They are tightly wrapped and penetrate into it without leaving a gap, but they see that their limbs are entangled badly.
Gu Ming’s breathing is steady, and his left leg is easy to clamp, and his right leg is stretched straight and his charming body is close to his chest, and his left hand hugs his waist, while his right arm clamps the small hands in both sides of his body, which is easy to straighten and tilt his crotch.
Gu Ming woke up early to see her lips open and close, her long eyelashes quivered slightly, and her sleepy eyes were half open.
Her right hand was squeezed, and she felt a little sore, but she felt a hot meat stick appear in her hand. What is this?
Hold it for two more times, and suddenly it will tilt and stir for a while, and it will be thick.
Suddenly, my hips moved, and I was so shy that I looked up at each other and looked at myself with a half-opened eyes and a microstrip smile on my face.
"Uh-huh …" Gu Ming raised his right hand and was so shy that he blushed like a bright flower and was buried again.
"Ha ha ….. you’re a bold girl." Easy to be lazy and sound up and gently pat Guming’s hips from time to time.
Two people close for a while Gu Ming pillow easy shoulder light closed beautiful eyes tone barely keep calm said "… elder brother … if you don’t come back to the post of deputy warden, I really don’t want to go out looking for you. Great changes have taken place in these days …" Can’t look at easy expression with closed eyes.
Yi had been prepared in his heart, but he didn’t have mood swings. He said a word "say"
Gu Mingqiao’s face stuck to his muscular chest and breathed a sigh of relief. Faint tunnel "Things have to start from that time when you finished speaking to me … A month ago, you Lin came to check on a stable heart and left."
"But on April 25th, the capital suddenly came to a group of leaders to inspect the secret service workers, the secret service prisons and other departments from the inside out, and did they check the specific reasons again?"
"Minister Ye Nian was very passive. Many major loopholes and mistakes were found in Beijing, and then the post was reviewed. Later, somehow, he was reinstated."
"Later, I found out that you have been absent from work for more than two months. Although no one disclosed it, I still dismissed your warden position and investigated me in detail."
Yi’s left hand slaps Gu Ming’s hips with his eyes half open, and two cold lights are transmitted out.
Gu Ming’s heart was scared and tried to keep his tone calm, telling, "Then a warden was sent to take this position in Beijing. This man was called numbness. He was 27 years old. Originally, the family background of the department staff in Beijing was not new. At first, everyone ignored him because of your prestige. Later, he used his wrist. The prison staff became one …" The tone turned into hatred. The small hand was green and the index finger was easy to draw a circle on the right chest. It was getting heavier and heavier.
Gu Ming’s roots itched and then said, "Later, he began to pursue me to show his love to me. I refused to promise him, and he began to repeatedly appear in front of me. My father also started to touch me, but it didn’t work. I was so angry that I cut his sword with my cold hand and fought. Then he put me on the shelf and refused to let me touch things. I stayed in the house every day to practice." Gu Ming explained that the back gnashed her teeth and said that she hated crisp breasts, which made people dizzy.
Yi insipid said "go on"
"Minister Pan came back after missing for several months and took over the prison. It is stipulated that the prison staff are not allowed to go out and outsiders are not allowed to enter except him. Besides, prisoners in the prison will fight at both ends every three days and often die. I don’t know why. This has never happened before."
After listening to a long time, Yi tapped Gu Ming’s buttocks with his left hand and relaxed his body. His eyes were half open and half closed, but his eyes were condensed into a ball, flashing cold and cold. He calmly asked, "Did he take advantage?"
Gu Ming’s spirit has long observed that he is prone to mood swings, and his reaction is not normal. To be honest, "he patted him on the shoulder when fighting."
Yi Judo "That’s better than anything else. It’s called getting you into trouble …"
When Gu Ming heard this, his tears suddenly fell down the bridge of his nose and temples to leave a slight sob in his heart.
Easy right hand gently lift GuMing head soft said, "don’t be sad.
Everything will be fine for a while. Let’s study the little one. Kiss her beautiful eyes, leave her tears and suck them into her mouth. There are also some bitter feelings in my heart.
"Well," Gu Ming choked back with a nod, and as soon as he came back, he didn’t worry about anything himself like a backbone.
It’s easy to watch Gu Ming pity and love. At this time, her pear blossoms bring rain, her beautiful eyes are sparkling, her soft and charming body sticks to her body like a kitten, and her charming expression disappears, but it makes people love the delicate color.
The two people’s bodies are close together, and the satiny is extremely comfortable.
Gu Ming was so sad and overjoyed yesterday that he was tired to the extreme. It was easy to linger for a long sleep. He woke up early in the past and said these words. All emotions were released with him, but he felt very safe around him.
Let go of negative emotions, but then it is strange to touch and become shy. After all, it is not without the personnel department. Even if it is bold on weekdays, it is also a little shy at this time.
Gu Ming said that he wanted to continue to lie in his warm arms, but he didn’t want to get up for a while. It was very confusing. Did she want to be reserved in her dictionary? Did it come with the breakthrough?
Easy to listen to her words, although in a bad mood, nephrite Wen Xiang Huai couldn’t help but he was indifferent to physical friction and almost touched sparks. Seeing that Guming was going to be emotional again, he didn’t do anything.
"Get up, it’s already noon." Yi helped her up and said softly.
Gu Ming has a long hair and a red face, and two white hands are a little reluctant to drag the blanket.
Yi smiled and put her on the bed to make a blanket. "Since you don’t want to get up, you can sleep and have a good rest for a few days. Don’t go out these days. I don’t want anything outside to be a piece of cake until I plan it. If you get involved, you are afraid that something will happen, okay?"
Gu Ming’s heart said, "If you don’t trust yourself with his means, you can’t help yourself. Let him go if you say it."
"Well, you go. I don’t want anything. I’ll just stay indoors and practice when I’m fine, but you have to come back with me every day." Gu Ming nodded and said that he was a little embarrassed at the back.
"Know wisely that’s how it should be." Easy appreciation kissed her and got up.
"Ah …" Gu Ming suddenly screamed a little hand and quickly covered her face with a blanket, and her heart was pounding.
Reaction because she saw Yi naked naked crotch ferocious abnormal straight nod to yourself, very shy and with a strong curiosity.
Yi laughed and cast spells to clean a body and put on clothes beside the bed.
Then he waved his hand over the room, and the mysterious curtain shook a few times, and his face was covered like a silk dress.
However, at first glance, people can vaguely see an ordinary face. It is easy to pass these days of sacrifice, so that many tricks have been touched.
It is said that the appearance can be as big or small as you like, thin or thick, hidden or visible, and so on, and it is a magical anomaly with many changes.

Qin Guan also faced the siege of two immortals.

And Xia Yi and Xia Zi’s brother and sister joined forces to resist the attack of a statue of the fairy king and took a slight advantage.
However, in addition, there are two fairy kings and the strong resistance. These two fairy kings have killed more than 20 people in a short time in the elite of Tiandao Zongtianxian.
"Get together and lean over."
Qin Guan saw that the elite brother of Tiandao Sect kept falling, and his eyes were red and he roared with anger. In the face of besieging him, the resistance of the two immortals became more intense.
At the same time, the blood phoenix demon emperor and Yiyang, the quasi-emperor, also fought.
Yiyang’s heart is eager to catch the root of the blood phoenix demon emperor. Without patience, he can directly shoot the quasi-emperor’s power and surge toward the blood phoenix demon emperor.
Blood phoenix demon emperor eyebrows slightly wrinkled in the face of Yiyang attack eyes both pitfalls and worried.
In ancient times, she was a famous demon emperor, facing a mere statue of quasi-emperor, but she was seriously injured at this time, facing Yiyang, but she was in the wind
In particular, she also needs to protect Xia Qi and let the blood phoenix demon emperor be tied behind his back.
Fortunately, the blood phoenix demon emperor has so many years of experience in the celestial world. Although the strength of the seriously injured body is not as good as that of Yiyang, he can also compete with Yiyang with experience.
At that time, Yiyang, a statue of quasi-emperor, had no distinction with blood phoenix demon emperor.
"Damn silver pine fairy king, come and help me."
It’s not difficult for Yiyang to attack for a long time. When the demon emperor turned his eyes, he saw that Wan Jianzong had an absolute advantage on the other side. There were two fairy kings who were still slaughtering fairies, and he immediately called a fairy king to help him.
The words sound just fell and silver mans flashing a figure suddenly appeared beside the Gu Yue.
The silver pine fairy king has such a name because his treasure is a silver pine, and every pine leaf is as sharp as a silver needle.
The silver pine fairy king is a famous treasure at first hand. A silver pine stands in heaven and earth, and its leaves are as dense as steel needles and come towards the blood phoenix demon emperor.
Blood phoenix demon emperor frown deeper.
Such an attack can’t resist her, but in the face of such an attack, her attention will definitely be divided, so it will be difficult for her to compete in the face of Yiyang’s attack
Yiyang reveals a ferocious attack, which is more fierce and roaring. All kinds of powerful magical powers are flooding towards the blood phoenix demon emperor.
In a short time, several wounds appeared in the body of blood phoenix demon emperor.
On the other hand, Qin Guan and others are even more miserable, especially more than 200 elites of Tiandong Sect, who are still suffering from the slaughter of a statue of Xianwang.
Qin Guan and others watched a statue of the fairy king slaughter the elite fairy brother of Tiandao Sect, but it was difficult for them to save their lives.
"Blood phoenix demon emperor, if you are smart enough to surrender to me honestly, otherwise it will be hard for you to be famous in ancient times today, and the demon emperor will suffer some hardships."
Yiyang eyes with a ferocious smile and complete drink a way
"Wan Jianzong, I remember that the Double Emperor imprisoned me, and I haven’t got revenge yet. You will cheat me again today, and I need you Wan Jianzong to bleed into a river."
Blood phoenix demon emperor cold mouth eyes flashing with deep hatred.
Imprisoned by the Double Emperor for so many years, her strength has not recovered, and now she is surrounded by Yiyang, and her hatred for Wan Jianzong has reached a limit.
"I’m afraid you won’t have this chance if you want Wan Jianzong to bleed into a river."
Yiyang cold hum a finger is Wan Jian qi now cold light twinkling, pitfalls Lin however formed a sword net towards the blood phoenix demon emperor cover.
This is Wan Jianzong’s most famous tactic of killing Wan Jianzong.
The real sword tactic is that 10,000 swords are all real, and the eye is shining. Obviously, not all swords are real, but most of them are swords.
But even so, its power cannot be underestimated.

The reporters looked at the bloody words on the back of his shirt and suddenly felt that this sentence was not for Atletico Madrid, but for them.

They worked with Chang Sheng for a season, and they swore every time that Chang Sheng would not be able to do this, and they would not be able to do that, and they were beaten in the face every time.
So now do they regret it?
Chapter two hundred and thirty Champion is my way
According to the regulations, Hertha won the league championship trophy although it was away from home.
However, naturally, we can’t celebrate as much as we do at home.
In fact, Atletico Madrid is also very dissatisfied with giving the Hertha League trophy at their home.
They protested why Hertha was not awarded the trophy at the end of a league round.
The Spanish Football Association doesn’t care about their protests.
Whether they like it or not, the championship trophy will be awarded to Hertha at Atletico Madrid.
Atletico Madrid club will keep everything simple.
Without setting up a podium for Hertha, the football association officials directly handed the trophy to Hertha captain Pedro canizares on the turf of the stadium.
The Atletico Madrid fans in the stands have long gone, leaving more than 500 Hertha fans to witness this moment.
They were also stopped in their seats and were not allowed to come and cheer for Hertha Juan from a distance. They fought against 57,000 Atletico Madrid fans for 90 minutes, and now their voices are all dead. If they want to cheer, they will have the heart to hear it.
In this way, Hertha has no flowers, no applause and cheers, no flying ribbons, no high "We are champions" song, and dozens of journalists have cameras and flashes to hold the league championship trophy high.
But without Hertha’s glory, they don’t need to be recognized and supported by others. They entertain themselves and don’t care how big the scene is. There are their players cheering themselves at Calderon Stadium.
Captain Pedro canizares was a little excited. He was hoarse and his eyes were reddish.
He never thought that he would have a chance to win a league championship trophy in his career!
Every player is scrambling to get in touch with the championship trophy and feel the touch of the championship.
The cold championship trophy was held in everyone’s hands and stuck to their faces.
Hertha players don’t care that Atletico Madrid has left them a city. Even if they are alone, they are happy.
And even if the game is full and the upgrade fails, you still can’t escape the fate.
After the game, the press conference turned into a winning personal press conference.
Atletico Madrid coach Marcos Alonso came to the post-match press conference, answered three questions and got up and left.
He may be in a hurry to go to Hill to get killed.
He left in a hurry, and the reporters waited for a long time before they won.
When Chang Sheng came to the press conference, he was obviously wet, and at first glance, he knew it was the players.
Hertha reporters laughed when they saw him like this
While other reporters kept silent.
Looking at those silent reporters, Chang Sheng couldn’t help laughing.
Hearing his smile, a reporter looked up and glared at Chang Sheng. They thought Chang Sheng was insulting them, but it was very rude to do so.
They guessed right, and winning always is indeed insulting their manners … What is that?
"I said Atletico Madrid will definitely not upgrade. Now, does anyone have any doubts about my words?"
Journalists are more silent, looking up and staring at Changsheng, and journalists bow their heads in embarrassment.
"Tut tut what a pity it is that you are not so unlucky to want you to believe me. What’s wrong with me? No, but you just don’t believe me. "Chang Sheng didn’t sit down, but paced back and forth on the stage while taunting the reporters as if this were his own stage. He was performing a stage play."
"You and I said in hu? I’m sorry I didn’t say that Atletico Madrid’s defeat was doomed from the moment they were relegated, and that our promotion was doomed from the moment of the season. No matter how many twists and turns we went through, the final outcome could not be changed and you became the best witnesses-of course, you can also lie with your eyes closed and say that Atletico Madrid finally defeated Hertha in Calderon and obtained the promotion qualification, while Hertha was able to stay in the second division … I am very confident that you can definitely do this. "
He also mercilessly ridiculed and satirized these reporters’ press conferences as ever-victorious monologues. He talked on stage alone, but the reporters were silent and didn’t even raise their hands.
The local journalists in Hertha didn’t raise their hands to ask them if they knew that winning at this time didn’t need them to ask if it was necessary to vent their emotions freely, so he said it.
"I hope this season’s lessons can give you some experience to know that when you face me again, don’t always think about being right with me because you will always be on the wrong side … but I believe I didn’t say this. It’s a pity that if you can listen to me, you won’t be journalists …"
Changsheng shrugged his shoulders and stood with a face of regret.
"I know that some of you are responsible for reporting the second division. It’s a pity that I can’t continue to slap your faces, but although we are in different leagues, if your skin itches one day, I welcome you to come to me and I will help you stop itching."
Harvey pazos was upset when he heard Chang Sheng say this on stage because he knew that Chang Sheng’s words were actually meant for himself! He’s taking it personally … that damn narrow-minded!
Marca is a big newspaper, and its classification is very detailed. It is specially responsible for tennis reporting and basketball reporting. Football is the most popular mass sport in Spain, and its classification is even more detailed.
Journalists who are responsible for reporting on the first division run to the first division, and journalists who are responsible for reporting on the second division run to the second division. They have nothing to do with each other at ordinary times. Journalists who can run the first division are naturally elites among journalists. Of course, some of them started from reporting on the second division.
Harvey pazos is also expected to be promoted to a reporter covering the first division.
I didn’t expect to be hit in the face again and again when I met an enemy, but I finally came up with an "exclusive starting array". As a result, Hertha’s starting array was hit in the face by Chang Sheng, which was completely different from the "exclusive starting array" he invented.
This made the deputy editor-in-chief thunder furious, scolded him, deducted his three-month bonus and announced that he would never get a promotion in the next year.

The only one that is intact is Zhao Qing country, because his home is far from the center of the village.

"Boom …"
The explosion went on and on
Mortar tanks were blown up in the first place.
Ammunition in the mortar has just been punched into irregular lines and flew to different places, just like a fairy scattered flowers.
"Boom …"
The group of foreigners were not lucky enough to have several shells hit them.
Hundreds of people were turned into dust in the explosion.
Even if Muhai’s position is not lucky.
Fortunately, Muhai reacted quickly enough to stop the irregular ammunition when he saw it coming.
The shell directly formed a shield in his hands and exploded.
"Boom …"
The trees around Muhai were torn into several pieces and flew around.
Dust rushes to the sky like waves.
"Xiaohai, are you okay?" Tang Yu looked at Muhai with concern.
Muhai smiled and stopped bloodthirsty.
Seeing that his clothes were burnt to slag on his arm, even though his arm was blown a little bit.
"small sea"
Tang Yu took out a handkerchief from his bag and gently wiped it at the sight of a burst of heartache.
"Nothing, a little injury," Muhai said.
"It’s okay. It’s broken," said Tang Yu.
"Thank you, Xiaohai," Zhou Qian said sincerely.
Just now, Zhou Qian was still in a daze, and the shells flew over. If Muhai didn’t react quickly enough and fell to the top of his head, would he still be alive?
"No" MuHai smiled and said.
"Da …"
Just after the explosion, machine guns came from afar.
Then there are submachine guns, rifles …
From time to time, grenades exploded in the gun.
It’s like being on a battlefield
Muhai pulled the two men to the ground and lay behind the boulder at the first time.
Although it can resist flying bullets, it doesn’t have the necessary wave strength.
Muhai slowly looked up and squinted into the distance.
I saw that army tanks and mortars were blown to pieces hundreds of meters away, and many mutilated corpses were scattered around.
Its appearance is terrible.
Other soldiers who were not bombed to death were ambushed from behind when their ears were still roaring. The machine gun spit out a long snake and swept down a soldier in an instant.
Fortunately, these soldiers reacted very quickly. Find a hidden position and shoot back.

After thinking about it, I decided to appease a bat king first and then go to the suburban bat king for food after what happened in Li Xian.

So Yun took out the piece of Li Xian from her pocket and gave her the address, which is now a "Tongrentang" in Guanqian, Suzhou. She started to turn left and right in the city and circled dozens of lanes. Yun determined that those who followed her should not be able to catch up in a short time and quickly swept away in the direction of Guanqian Street.
Guanqian Street got its name from the Taoist holy land, Xuanmiao Temple, which was famous in the Song Dynasty, so the street name was Tianqing Temple. Before and after Tianqing Temple in the Yuan Dynasty, it was renamed Xuanmiaoguan Street, and then changed its name to Xuanmiaoguan Street. Tongrentang, the former street, is located next to Guanqian Street’s right eunuch alley. Although it is getting late, you can still vaguely see that there is a slight light shining inside. It is never too late to talk about the doctor’s door.
After thinking that he didn’t go in through the main entrance, Yun slightly thought that whether those who followed him had been dumped or not, he had better be cautious and jumped around the backyard.
Leaping into the backyard of "Tongrentang", the clouds are blindsided, and the verandah is winding and winding, and I can’t see where to go. I am wandering ahead, and the footsteps are faintly ringing. Clouds are busy at the foot of the wall to see the movement of the courtyard. There are two people coming out of the left cloister, one with a lantern and the other with a lunch box. Both of them are Tsing Yi hats and servants dressed up to listen to the lantern. "Li Shifu is a well-known doctor, but you say that the martial arts master who came here tonight really has the ability to force such poison?" Another person replied, "There is a saying that man proposes, God disposes. To put it bluntly, Li Shifu is just doing his best. So little let’s’ Tong Ren Tang’ be worthy of others."
"But it’s a pity that this young lady is so beautiful and so fragrant and dead." The servant of the storm lantern continued to say that it was a pity.
"Then what can I do? This is called the misfortune of a beautiful woman. So if you remember to marry a wife, don’t look too beautiful or it won’t last long." That box was very emotional.
"Don’t talk about the stunning beauty for a long time, even if it’s an hour, it’s worth my death!"
"Shh … if his family hears you, you really won’t live for an hour!" Box scold a way
Listen, these two servants have a general understanding of the situation, so Li Xian seems to be trying to save a stunning woman and help detoxify herself.
"This river’s lake is really interesting. How can a beautiful woman be either poisoned or poisoned? Another one?" Yunxin hesitated to see Li Xian.
Chapter 10 The bat king looks like himself
After much deliberation, the cloud decided to meet Li Xian first. After all, I promised others during the day and they promised to solve their identity problems.
Cloth then cloud followed the two servants all the way to the front of a wing in the west. The box hand knocked at the door, "Li Shifu brought you dinner."
Cloth door creaked. Li Xian came out of the room and took the box. "Isn’t that Yungong here yet?"
Cloth "No, it should be soon, right, Li Shifu? Don’t worry that he will bring it to you as soon as he comes to school." The hurricane lamp interface said.
Cloth "Well, go to rest if you are all right. When Yun Gong comes, he will tell me." Li Xian was disappointed to hear that Yun had not arrived yet and waved back the two servants.
Cloth cloud when the two men go far, then crept to the front of the wing and gently knocked on the door.
Cloth door hit Li Xian again, and it was Yunyun who was about to say that Yunyun was busy. He gestured that he should not make a big noise. "In today’s Wulin, Li Dage’s famous position is not unknown, and he didn’t come in from the main entrance. Please forgive me."
Cloth "Brother Yun is really sincere to others, but if I guarantee that you will be transformed, it will be considered that someone saw you go in through the gate, and he must not know which one is you!" Lee Hsien-hsiao smiled confidently. "Although I don’t have the uncanny craftsmanship of doctor Wang Gubai to make a stunning beauty, there is still a little bit of a change of scenery."
Cloth "so I thanked Brother Li first here, so I dare to ask Brother Li if I don’t know what I can do?" Cloud listened to his guaranteed ticket, and he was also very happy to finally get rid of this depression of being chased all day.
Cloth "it’s quite a story. Brother Yun might as well come into the room and listen to the eldest brother from the beginning." Li Xian pulled the cloud into the room and sat at the door to discuss it in detail.
Cloth "Dare to ask Brother Yun if he knows the family of Gusu Mu?"
Cloth "this naturally knows"
Cloth "What about Tianlong Shintoism?"
Cloth "slightly heard"
Cloth "then this matter will be talked about by these two families …" It turns out that Li Xian said that it was the poisonous thing that was harmed by the little leader of Mu Rou Tianlong Sect. Most of the reasons for this matter have long been known that Li Xian’s supplement was just what poison Mu Rou had, and he thought it should be in medical fields such as treatment.
It turns out that the name "Lover’s Tears" poisoned by Mu Rou is not only very toxic, but also very terrible. The poisoned person will become very promiscuous. This poison is often used by people with ulterior motives in Korea to break up the vows of love. Therefore, the beautiful name "Lover’s Tears" is obtained. In fact, this medicine is extremely vicious and banned by the Korean royal family, but I don’t know where the Tianlong Shaojiao came from.
This poison is extremely strange, and the mechanism of the disease after poisoning is not good. Although the doctor has the ability to remove its fatal toxicity and save the life of the poisoned person, the terrible vice will usually accompany the poisoned person for life. The poisoned person will be awake and intoxicated from time to time, as if he were living in a dream.
Bu Shanyun heard that the little leader of Tianlong Sect was so despicable and poisonous, and the more he listened to it, the more angry he became. After listening to that, Li Xian couldn’t help but be angry. "This beast actually did this despicable thing. If I meet him someday, I will never be spared!"
Cloth "It’s not necessary for younger brother Yun to worry about it. It’s well known that younger brother Baoyun, the secret of Tianlong Shinto, will definitely come to you." Li Xian comforted.
Cloth "afraid he won’t come!" Yunjue felt a sigh of relief and couldn’t wait to scream.
Cloth "Brother Yun, would you like to help me overcome this poison together?"
Cloth "that is, of course, I don’t know if I started helping?" Yunyi agreed without hesitation.
Cloth "This’ lover’s tears’ has never heard of any antidote since it appeared. Even if there is one, it can solve its deadly medicinal properties, but it can’t cure it radically. I think this poison can’t be cured by medicine alone." Li Xian is also very resistant to this question when he talks about it. This doubt is an admission that this poison is solved in terms of existing medicine.
Cloth "But yesterday, in the long street, I watched the cloud’s little brother drive away the toxic force and the toxic self-solution really made my brother sigh, so he came up with a medicine that the main and auxiliary little brothers could force the poison or there was still a chance." Li Xian said and looked at the cloud as if waiting for his consent.
Cloth cloud didn’t answer immediately, but lost in thought.
Actually, Yun is still at the threshold stage for luck, or he wouldn’t have made a "robbery" about his own physical operation mechanism. Although other people are completely different, it’s a cinch to detoxify and heal themselves, but he is absolutely incapable of inputting his own strength into other people’s bodies to help people drive away poison and heal. If he hadn’t been groping for luck all this time, he might have agreed without thinking, but at the moment he doesn’t know how to refuse. After all, if he doesn’t do well, the consequences would be unimaginable.
Cloth "does Brother Yun feel any difficulty?" Li Xian seems to see some clues.
Cloth "I’m afraid I can’t help it. Big brother and younger brother are very different from ordinary people, and the operation mode is also very strange. If it is not good, it will cause worse consequences …"
Cloth "I wonder if Brother Yun’s merits are different?"
Cloth "I don’t know where to start, but frankly, I don’t know anything about what luck leads to success."
Cloth "Isn’t it too modest for younger brother Yun to declare that he doesn’t know anything about luck if he doesn’t want to help?" Li Xian’s face has been displeased.
Cloth "not like this …" Cloud was so anxious that he rubbed his hands. "Little brother, I might as well see a pulse yourself!"
Cloth said, and then stretched out his wrist to let Li Xian feel a strong strength to keep all the veins of Li Xian’s fingers in the pulse gate, and then turned to cut the acupuncture points next to his pulse gate and even tried more than a dozen now. Although it is still not reasonable, it is faint.
Cloth: "So little brother Yun’s force actually rises and flows from odd meridians?" Li Xian asked in surprise that he could not believe such a conclusion.
Cloth "should be, I’m not very clear about it myself." Cloud habitually touched his head and smiled foolishly. I don’t know that Li Xian’s elder demeanor made him feel at ease and relaxed to reveal his true nature.
Cloth "but younger brother Yun said that you don’t even know luck, so …"
Cloth "in fact, this is the case …" Yun roughly described his unfortunate experience when he went to treasure hunting, and proved the authenticity of the certificate, especially showing Li Xian the king of vampire bats in his back.
Cloth "blood bites!" Li Xian exclaimed, "It turned out to be blood!"
Cloth "blood eats? Not the vampire bat king? " Clouds are strange.
Cloth "vampire bat king?" Li Xian, opposing wait for a while, looked at the King of Vampire Bats lying still in the shelf. "Vampire Bat King" is a saying to form that some individuals with strong adaptability are extremely powerful. Vampire bats live in groups. Generally, there are often tens of millions of them, and one or two such variants occasionally appear, which is the King of Vampire Bats. In fact, the so-called King of Vampire Bats is a general term for all different powerful vampire bats, and some people have tried to make two different variants of Vampire Bat King mate to cultivate the second generation of Vampire Bats with their parents’ ability, strong vitality and extreme bloodthirsty Li Xian said in one breath, obviously he has a lot of research on this.
Cloth "No, it’s not bloodthirsty. It never bit me …" Yun wants to say that the bat king is not fierce, but think carefully. If he is not strong enough to sit there and forget the bottom of the peak, he will be dead.
Cloth "This’ blood bite’ is the original four years ago, when Tianlong taught Suzaku Venerable, I don’t know how many Wulin players died in their mouths, but today it’s really admirable for younger brother Yun." Li Xian looked at the bat king from crying.
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Chapter 19 But do your best
"ah? Then is this blood bite the one that Suzaku Venerable cultivated more than ten years ago? "
Cloth "shouldn’t be wrong, younger brother Yun. This blood eats the infamous number of dead people in those days. You may even bring it against you." Li Xian looked at the cloud and said earnestly.
Cloth "since I have received it, can I still drive it away?" Besides, if an animal knows anything to blame, blame it for harming others and the wicked! If I don’t drive it evil, what can others do? " Cloud doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with this.
Cloth "I don’t know if this blood eats all the way?" Li Xian suddenly asked.
Cloth "when it meets any small animal in the mountains, it will feed on its own," Yun replied.
Cloth "has this blood ever hurt anyone?" Li Xian never let go of the clouds.
Cloth "er … from the point of view, I won’t let it bite, even if it is maliciously provoked or waiting for an opportunity to sneak up on people, it will never hurt people to death."
Cloth "is still sensitive to blood!" Li Xian frightened to disgrace after listening to "so-called’ nightmare’ sensitive blood eats! !”
What’s such a strange name? Big brother is surprised again? "
Cloth "There are two stunts in the four bloodsuckers, and each has a strong body, such as a gray wolf, which can no longer fly, but is poor in strength and cruel in nature. It is often called’ Force Blood Bite’, but because of its fierce bloodthirsty, it is difficult to control, it was poisoned by Suzaku himself, and the other Suzaku always likes to let him bite his opponent’s throat when he is in trouble, but it is a headache to kill the enemy immediately." Li Xian quickly watched the sleeping bat king. The sensitive person is quick and the degree is amazing. "
Cloth "I can’t believe that this little guy still has some tricks. I didn’t even show them." Yun said, gently hand in hand to follow the bat king. It should be said that blood eats fur and blood eats comfortably in the dream, twisting the body to express happiness. After this time, cloud blood eats has been quite familiar, but blood eats is not psychic, but in the cloud, it has barely learned Ting Yun’s command and action, not just relying on the cloud to return his feat. Now I know that this blood eats has been domesticated in the wild for more than ten years. The return of the motherland has restored its natural ability. However, the brand that was engraved in its subconscious since childhood (I don’t know whether it is appropriate to say this) has not been erased with the passage of time. Perhaps the distant memory has slowly revived from the moment when it clouds its shoulders. If it really has a soul, it should be unforgettable. The loneliness at the bottom of the valley for more than ten years has finally been changed by this new shoulder. How can I say this time, this blood bite will bring to the rivers and lakes? Maybe one day I will know
Cloth "Brother Yun, you’d better get rid of this blood bite before anyone recognizes its true face!" Li Xian saw that Yun didn’t take his words seriously at all and couldn’t help but persuade him again.
Cloth "If a big brother friend made a mistake before, but now his mind has changed, can he be given a chance?" Cloud laughed.

When I heard it, there was a pile of debris and a small piece of puddle liquid five or six meters away from the soul beast. The atomization speed was particularly fast, but it was only in the blink of an eye that a white fog condensed around the puddle.

The trematode can’t hear the sound, but it won’t miss the aura fluctuation. The white fog just appears, and it’s still twisting its body wildly. The spirit beast jumped over there, just like before, and then opened its mouth and gave the whole ground a bite.
Just as non-evil practitioners are invaded by excessive resentment and anger, the soul beast sucks excessive pure aura into the body, and the strength of the body will compete with the aura of the body invader. It is inevitable that there will be a result, and how it will affect the body depends on who can take the wind.
Look at all kinds of convulsions and twists of the spirit beast. After a while, it will become gentle. Many people will know that its physical strength is still much higher than that of the aura swallowed into the body. Hu Yingxue won’t feel bad about how many bottles of spirit liquid it swallowed, not to mention whether they have been diluted or not. Those quantities are absolutely enough for her to throw out a lot.
Next, Hu Yingxue keeps throwing the bottle out of his hand. Where is the broken bottle? It looks more and more chaotic. The spirit beast will pounce on it, just like chasing the frisbee puppy, but the puppy will immediately chase it after seeing the owner throw the frisbee. It will rush to it when it feels the aura fluctuation getting stronger.
This process is stunned by many people, many of whom can’t help but convulse at the corners of their mouths. A behemoth is lured around eating mud. This scene is indeed shocking at this time, but what makes people more concerned is that Hu Ying’s eyes jump with her every time she throws a bottle out on the sidelines.
The spiritual liquid base on the market is condensed by advanced practitioners, and the purity is far worse than those naturally formed. The worst natural spiritual liquid has an aura concentration of 30%, while the highest concentration of human condensed spiritual liquid is about 25%.
Exposing to the air will generate a large spiritual fog. The aura concentration of this level of spiritual fluid should be less than 50%, and the aura concentration will be 25%. The spiritual fluid will be used as a baby, but Hu Yingxue will take it out and throw it to the soul beast. How can you not let people feel blood dripping from your heart when you go out in one breath?
However, Hu Ying’s snow trip in this situation is not a wave effect. After seeing that the soul beast’s body twitches more and more after eating the mud every time, it means that the aura it swallowed and its physical strength have gradually become equal.
Because there are two tigers fighting for each other, the body quickly develops from swallowing the spirit fluid to not convulsing at all times, but even so, the spirit beast should be quick to react. Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan throw a bottle together, and it can still rush over as quickly as possible.
Where the bottle is sent is controlled by Mu Tianxuan. He always chooses an empty place and there is no overlap. Every time the spirit beast runs over, he lowers his head and bites it, which makes the square have many pits of different shades and makes it swallow a belly of mud.
Bottles are made of lingshi, and like lingshi, they can completely absorb soil and stones, which is different. Many people can refine them into things that can come from others by some means, but no matter who can digest and absorb them.
Although it is whispers, the same is true of the soul beast. Because it swallowed a lot of soil and paved the square slab fragments, the stomach of the soul beast has already bulged obviously. Now it is like a trematode. The dirty position is just like the trematode. The stomach of the trematode is in the neck. When it is too bulging, its head can always lean back.
Swallowing too much soil is not only inconvenient to bend your head and turn your head, but also the stomach is too heavy, which makes the whole body top-heavy, and it is difficult to find a balance point for a while, so you can accidentally fall when you twist your body, so the body of the spirit beast is twisted more and more, but it is getting slower and slower.
Listen to the plop, and twist it as if to tie a few knots in your body. On the surface, the soul beast seems to have been tortured by the nature of trematodes. Hu Yingxue didn’t think it could be defeated so easily, but this time she didn’t throw the bottle out again and didn’t gather together to check it out. Instead, she waved her hand and condensed it into a layer of enchantment to cover the people nearby.
Enchantment just condensed to lie motionless on the ground. The spirit beast suddenly raised its neck high and shook its head in the order of back and forth, left, right and left. After doing this for several times, it stretched its neck with its head down against the ground.
Because of being squeezed, the neck of the soul beast swelled up with a big bag and shook for a while. After a few minutes, it was seen that it opened its mouth and spit out a large piece of blood-stained mud and stones, except for the blood and stones attached to the surface, which were very dry.
Except that the aura is gone, how can you spit it out if you swallow it? The largest stone fragment is nearly two meters long when you swallow it. When you spit it out, it is still so big, that is, a few small corners are missing. Looking at it, you can imagine how painful it is to spit out those stones. That’s how those bloodshot eyes come from.
Perhaps it was awakened by the pain in the stomach. At this time, the soul beast was no longer completely influenced by the nature of the trematode, and then it raised its head high, and then it could be seen that some characteristics of the trematode were quickly replaced by those of other animals.
The biggest change is that the head turns from flat to round, and it turns out to be an ape’s head. The ape has eyes and ears, so the spirit beast no longer relies on perception. Perhaps that’s why the spirit beast changed its head for the first time.
I have regained my sight, and my body is still shaking. The spirit beast turned to look at Hu Yingxue and others who opened their mouths with a barrier. However, because I swallowed Reiki before, I was still destroying my body from the Ministry. This roar sounds very emboldened.
Hu Yingxue blinked. She knew that to avoid being influenced too much, generally, the spirit beast made three different biological characteristics at the same time. Seeing that the spirit beast changed so much, she propped herself up and made a small gap to throw a sealed spirit liquid bottle over there.
The bottle was thrown in the past, and the spirit beast kept watching it fall in front of him. When he found it, the first reaction of the aura spirit beast should be to stay away from him, only to find that his body almost jumped at the bottle mouth and rolled the white fog bottle to control his body. It immediately retreated back like a disaster.
Thanks to the spirit beast, it can figure out whether the total trunk of the body or the head of the trematode turns into an ape, and then two monkey arms are made at the side of the head. This kind of appearance is not only very strange, but also really uncoordinated. It is a simple turn, and it has to be shaken several times to stabilize the body.
Hu Yingxue was almost struggling for a few times by the spirit beast to hold his body funny, but my heart still didn’t relax at all. Instead, I clenched my hand holding the hilt of the Five Lingjian because I was no longer worried about being vomited all over. She raised her hand and dispersed her head.
At this time, some changes have taken place in the opposite spirit beast again. The trematode trunk is rapidly shortened and expanded, and then differentiated into limbs and the main trunk neck. The two monkey arms are gone, but this time it will still make people feel very uncoordinated.
I have to say that the transformation of the soul beast’s body shape is like building blocks, but it is still chaotic, but this time it is even funnier. The main trunk is a black bear with an ape head and all the limbs are bird legs. I don’t know if the head and body are assimilated before, but the size of the limbs is different.
You can imagine how bad the balance will be when your legs are short and long. I want to look down and see the reason for the instability, only to find that it is actually a day, and then my head reacts. After turning my head around, I find that my body is difficult to maintain balance. After some adjustments, it will be short, long, thin and thick. Although it is still strange, it will not let flexibility drag me back when I am less active.
After the adjustment, the soul beast slightly defied Hu Yingxue and other practitioners, raised its head and opened its mouth to see if it wanted to roar, and both claws on its side were ready to beat its chest, but there was no sound at all.
Hu Yingxue didn’t stop the spirit beast from adjusting his body because this process consumes a lot of strength of the spirit beast. This kind of consumption is absolutely nothing at another time, but this spirit beast has swallowed a lot of reiki before. Although it can be regarded as a straw, it is enough to press the balance to the reiki side.
Taking advantage of the wind, Reiki did a lot of damage to the soul beast’s body. The soul beast wanted to look up and scream. At the same time, there was a group of Reiki swimming in its body to the position of the animal nucleus. Because of the collision between the animal nucleus and the soul beast’s body, it was temporarily interrupted, which made the body stand there directly.
Because of being swallowed by the spirit beast, the aura will move quickly from the animal nucleus to other parts of the body. For a moment, the spirit beast finds itself moving again, but this movement requires a lot of discounts, but it can be moved but cannot adjust its body strength.
Mu Tianxuan has just told the spiritual beast’s status sound at this time to the practitioners in the square at this time, which is why no one attacked the spiritual beast’s body transformation process and saw it motionless and no one rushed to make a move.
Everyone was waiting for the spirit beast to take the initiative to attack each other, but they did a series of things that made all of them very surprised and dumbfounded, and prepared for the battle. After raising their sharp claws, they made a big turn, waiting for Hu Yingxue and them to come to their senses. The spirit beast had jumped back into the huge pit in the backyard of Lingdan Pavilion and Danfang.
Having prepared for the battle, the target turned and ran away, which made many people feel that they had punched cotton, but Hu Yingxue said at this time, "Be careful, everyone. The real trouble is coming."
Hu Yingxue’s voice just fell in the giant pit, and a string of screaming sounds a little urgent. It was still echoing at the mouth of the cave, and then he jumped back to the soul beast, flapping his wings and flying out of the pit, leaving a chest and a number of feet behind him to calculate the length of the wound.
Before the soul beast flew high, several shadows appeared in the crater. One of them matched the characteristics of the tiger, leopard and jackal. The soul beast catapulted and jumped up. The body shape of the soul beast appeared behind the neck of the former soul beast, which was bigger than the former one. Directly, it wanted to soar and was caught.
The spirit beast’s nature of devouring the same kind is much heavier than that of the Zerg. It should be aware that the trematode has changed to be a trematode. The spirit beast is a little weak, and other spirit beasts feel a good opportunity to increase their strength. When it is pulled to the ground and followed, it will be embraced.
At this time, the five-spirit sword in Hu Yingxue’s hand was lifted, and the blade flashed with five colors. From time to time, it seemed as if the dragon shadow was condensed and circled around the blade, and then it was drilled back into the sword. You can see the dragon shadow drilling out of the blade with a slight turn of your wrist.
After circling around the sword, the dragon shadow did not escape into the sword, but quickly stretched its body size and wrapped it around the sword. A more dazzling brilliance suddenly exploded and the dragon shadow disappeared, instead of hovering in the dragon pattern on the sword.
It’s like finally finding the release channel. Hu Yingxue aimed the five spiritual swords at the opposite side and sent them inside. A sword Gang was forced to escape from the dragon pattern, but the total length of the sword Gang was more than one meter, and the total length became more than two zhangs when he bowed his head and raised his head.
On the other side, a few soul beasts were chased out from behind. Once upon a time, the soul beast pulled a piece of meat and was about to put it in his mouth. The distance between the two sides was not far. When Hu Yingxue threw out his sword and split it into the pile of soul beasts, they were raising their claws and didn’t even pass the chest position.
Aware of the danger, several other soul beasts retreated and stayed on the ground. The soul beast could not move because of its body. The soul beast could watch the sword gang fall on itself, but Hu Yingxue’s sword gang didn’t get a real increase. The power was not great. A long and deep wound was left in the chest of the soul beast and it didn’t split in half.
Although this sword didn’t kill the soul beast, it split its core out of sensitivity to power. Before running a few soul beasts, it immediately went around and grabbed the core. When several soul beasts collided, they fought.
In order to control the attack direction of the sword Gang, when releasing the sword Gang, some gods will be attached to the surface. These gods will not only play a similar role in navigation, but also bring simple information such as where to hit the target back to the owner’s head. It is for this reason that Hu Yingxue found that she had just hit the soul beast nucleus.
At most, the energy in the beast core is 13 kinds in its heyday, which reduces its stability by nearly half. Because it is not so stable, the beast core was hit by a wandering aura in other bodies and made a very fine crack. What a coincidence! Unfortunately, her previous sword split in that crack.
Finding this, Hu Yingxue quickly once again enveloped everyone in the real yuan condensation barrier, and Yang said, "Everyone should pay attention to strengthening defense."
Chapter 42 War soul beast legion ()
Don’t Hu Yingxue explain why others should be careful. In addition to quickly strengthening their own defense, several people joined hands to quickly condense a barrier around the square to separate it from other places.
Hu Yingxue turned to look at it, but didn’t say anything. She knew that the influence range of the soul beast explosion was very small. Although the changeable trematode soul beast was higher than their Mahayana period, the influence range of the explosion was 100 meters, and their pile of soul beasts was about 200 meters away.
Don’t know this, those people will cover the whole square, and then they want to reinforce it again after the enchantment is arranged. This time, before they start work, they hear a loud bang in the pile of soul beasts.
Although it was loud, Hu Yingxue and others didn’t feel the air pressure. People on the ground felt the ground shaking after the sound started, and the shaking amplitude was very small, just like any body repairer who punched the ground at random to cause vibration.
Look at the spirit beast over there. Just now, there is only one spirit beast that is huddled together. That is, the spirit beast that combines the characteristics of the tiger, leopard and jackal. Its strength is higher than other spirit beasts. When it finds that there is a problem with several spirit beasts competing for the animal nucleus, it quickly changes into a pair of wings.
Several other soul beasts didn’t find any problems. Although one of them found that the boss suddenly flew and followed, it was already too late and was being scrambled for the beast’s nuclear bomb, which formed a black whirlpool among them. It was instantly caught in the whirlpool with one foot attached.
Probably because the spirit beast’s attribute is swallowing and assimilating, the black vortex is like a black hole. Whatever is caught in it is like Shi Niu entering the sea, and it disappears.
Just like the soul beast that was finally involved changed into a shape like a hill, at first glance, it was bigger than that whirlpool, but the volume of the whirlpool that was involved in the black whirlpool did not change at all, but it did not see any movement.
Seeing this vortex, it is estimated that most people imagine that if they are involved, they will feel numb and numb. Fortunately, the changeable trematode consumes a lot of nuclear power before the beast, and there is not much vortex left. After a while, the speed can be seen by the naked eye.

Actually, her attention was focused on him.

"Sister, will I go to your company for an internship after the New Year?"
Wen Qing beside ask
"Well, it’s arranged. You can go there at any time."
In fact, tenderness hopes that she will go there early, but this girl is really not lazy.
"Even we Xiao Qing have to work, and I regret even if I die," Yan suddenly said with emotion.
The three sisters immediately panicked and called mom at the same time!
Yan immediately looked at me. I was wrong. I was wrong. I apologize.
"punish you for drinking a bowl of soup later!" Wen Qing immediately said
Yan nai nodded and drank a bowl of soup, so he must drink another bowl of soup.
Gentle also laugh at this little girl to learn tingle.
"Sorry, aunt, I have something to do at school temporarily, so I can’t stay for dinner. I’ll see you another day."
Belle suddenly went to their mother and bowed and left.
Yan was taken aback and then got up and looked back.
Wen Liang is still cooking in the kitchen and hasn’t come out.
"What’s the matter?"
Yan worried and asked
Gentle, but I don’t doubt how long. In fact, Belle has been seen in the park.
The earth is so big, there are so many people, of course, there is no sex.
No matter how satisfied their families are with their state, not everyone will envy their life and not everyone will get used to it.
Fortunately, they don’t live for others to see.
Is gentle and a little worried about tenderness.
After dinner, I looked at my brother tenderly, and I was not too different from usual, and I was more worried.
Yan couldn’t help it. How did Belle go?
"Didn’t she say she had something at school?" He asked.
"If you two are not suitable, you should blow it with her earlier. It’s better to have a short pain than a long pain." Wenyi said a sentence with chopsticks.
Gentle immediately cold shot in the past, she just unwilling to shut up.
"Actually, Belle is a very advanced girl. She doesn’t like girls like me and my second sister who make a living."
WenQing is very WenYi but cold hum a..
"You two are really lazy," Yan scolded
"But if she wants to marry into our family, she must accept our family situation, and she will accept our sisters even if they are lazy."
"Xiao Liang’s girl is proud of her sexuality, so please indulge her a little," Yan said.
"In the future, if you get married smoothly and live together, it will be the two of you, our brother and sister, but just spend time with your mother once a week. Belle should not show her face to everyone like today. What do you think?"
Gentleness is not as easy as Yan.
When I first met Belle, I felt that the girl was very unique, but she should be very easy to get along with the arrogant rural children with her uniqueness. Perhaps this metropolis made her too nervous.
But tonight’s tenderness is not happy, let alone the presence of elders. It is also his heart that Wen Liang cooks something for his sister and mother in the kitchen.
Although belle is distressed and gentle, doesn’t it take a degree to feel distressed and taste?
Yan Lou came to see her off when she left tenderly in the evening. Looking at Yan tenderly, she walked slowly and couldn’t help wringing her eyebrows. Have you been uncomfortable recently?
"Maybe I went early to exercise too much, and my legs were a little uncomfortable." Yan said in a low voice and then grabbed my daughter’s arm and walked out together.
"Have you been in touch with Teng Yun recently?"
"He called me a few days ago," he said softly, then turned around and walked forward.
"If you are not feeling well, you must tell me never to support our brothers and sisters, but you are indispensable."
Yan nodded and smiled. Are you busy recently? Why have you become so nagging?
Gentleness is right. I have to giggle. Even my mother thinks she is wordy. It seems that she is really a bit of a mother-in-law.
But she is still afraid that her heart is not enough.
I’m afraid some people yearn for her nagging but can’t hear it.
In the middle of the night, I drove home gently and quietly, and there was nothing but wind beside the road, which was more thrilling.
I still remember that it snowed early in the year when she was pregnant, but this year it was in the middle of the twelfth lunar month and there was no trace of snow.
Section 179
When the car gets home, follow the slender path in the yard to the door and stop.
It’s still full of lights and tenderness. From the big glass screen, I can see the scene inside. Is Professor Yuan alone watching any family ethics drama?
But I didn’t expect Professor Yuan to follow the video "I’ll let your daughter-in-law tell you when she comes back."
Professor Yuan immediately said to the people in the video when he heard the gentle footsteps, and then got up to meet your gentle husband.
"You …" Let’s chat!
Gentle haven’t say that finish tablet has reached his arms gentle nai.
"You two, we NianLia have nothing to talk about. I was just telling him that he came back to bring me a gift. Didn’t you say that you haven’t received a gift for a long time a few days ago? I’m going to bed first. Your father is waiting for me. "
Professor Yuan said and ran away, gently holding the tablet and walking upstairs.
"Let me show you a view."
he said
Gentle didn’t want to video with him, but she was afraid that her mother-in-law wouldn’t be happy. She planned to talk about it after the building. When he said to show her the scenery, she raised her tablet and looked at it.
Snow outside the window …
It’s absolutely beautiful

"No," said filar silk. "The magnetic field around us is very strong, so we can jump by the method."

Yu Long heart a dim to listen to their conversation mom.
"Bang-bang-"Long Yu suddenly felt huge energy collided with Ark in the loud noise.
Rowling didn’t dare to delay any longer and hurried to the main control room. When there was another loud noise, Yu Long’s heart beat suddenly. He could feel that the ark had entered the meteorite group.
There was a loud noise coming from the ark, and the violent energy kept tearing at the hull. At this time, the ark defense had been played.
Even so, there will still be some slight vibrations in the ark.
Yu Long slightly hesitated a plan to personally leave the warehouse to fight against those meteorites and reduce the pressure on the ark.
The goddess of fate appeared mysteriously again. She expressed her support after knowing Yu Long’s plan, and she also expressed her willingness to go together. Later, Yu Long communicated with Rowling, and Rowling discussed with filar silk that it was feasible because the overall strength of Yu Long and the goddess of fate was far stronger than the ark.
After coming to the outside of the ark, Yu Long and Destiny were suspended in the universe. To their surprise, there were colorful meteorites everywhere.
He sacrificed the heavenly sword and tried to hit a meteorite with a diameter of about 100 meters with 50% strength, but it didn’t turn into powder, which shows the strength of the colorful meteorite
Yu Long preliminarily estimated the meteorite group around him. His power can be destroyed, but it will consume great power.
The goddess of fate sighed slightly, "It seems that there are many energies outside the space that we have never touched."
Yu Long tried several times again while thinking about various coping methods and Yu Long.
After observing Long Yu for a while, it seems that these meteorites are still moving, but there is actually a gap and distance among all the meteorites in the Ark.
If the flight technology can reach a certain level, it should be avoided.
Thinking of this, Yu Long informed Rowling of her thoughts. Rowling told her that the surface of these colorful meteorites looked static because of her detection. In fact, she told them to run and have no rules.
Now the only solution is to smash the meteorites that hinder the ark’s operation through the ark weapon system combined with the power of Yu Long’s destiny god.
After the communication between the two sides, the dragon will attack these meteorites one by one, and the dragon will roar in the universe. The whirlwind attack can smash dozens of huge meteorites every time.
Destiny’s side has not been idle, and the whole body has spread a hot breath and constantly attacked meteorites. At the same time, the Ark weapon system is also powerful.
Suddenly, the flowers were dazzled by the colorful surroundings.
Half an hour later, he flew in Fangli and finally passed the meteorite group safely. Yu Long didn’t enter the cabin. He took a life-sized meteorite and planned to go back and study it carefully to see if it could be made into a weapon. This meteorite is not only strong, but also contains great energy. Destiny didn’t enter the cabin, but she didn’t like to practice and finally went in.
Yu Long decided to continue practicing after carefully studying meteorites.
Because entering this star field today is different from before, the energy here seems to be more explosive, more crazy and more powerful
Long Yu wants to feel one carefully
Shen Ying seems to enjoy the violent energy here. When it is constantly absorbed, Long Yu’s meridians are filled with this violent unknown energy. At first, the gas nature gradually approaches the liquid state with continuous absorption and compression, and it flows slowly in the meridians like running water.
Yu Long has a feeling that his breakthrough in calmness may continue with the help of energy. At this moment, his savings have reached the critical point of Yu Long meridians, but the baby still keeps theorizing that his body may explode if he goes to Yu Long in this way.
At the thought of this, Yu Long’s incessant priming force circulates slowly and steadily along the pulse once, and the liquid energy in the circulation body will become more compressed, and at the same time, some prescriptions will come out of the meridians.
I don’t know how long it took for the liquid energy to gradually become solid. Yu Long finally breathed a sigh of relief and thought that it was worth it to come from adventure.
As time flies, Yu Long’s practice is finally over. At this time, the meridians are as smooth as high roads after just expanding, even if the solid energy runs in the body, there is no feeling.
Chapter 17 Dark Star Domain
Special Chapter 7 Chapter 17 Dark star field
P: Prehistoric example: 19,000 words burst into red snow, asking for some beating!
At this time, I feel very good. Now my eyes and ears are more alert, and my head is chilly. all of my heart’s divine power spreads in all directions, and objects will show their specific shapes in my mind
At this time, Rowling informed Yu Long to go back to Yu Long to recover her mind and entered the cabin.
Wait until Yu Long gets back, and now filar silk is quarrelling with the goddess of fate.
Filar silk stare big eyes and said, "You are still a goddess. I think you are a fox."
Not far away, Maria, the god of fate, became angry from embarrassment. She blushed and glared at filar silk and said, "What? If you have something to do, you will die with Xiaoyu. What are you yelling at me for? "
"It’s shameless. Even you say such a seductive thing. It’s the first time I’ve seen a shameless goddess like you." Silk left no cynicism.
Both filar silk and Maria, the goddess of fate, are extremely sexy and seductive. Although they are noisy, their gestures are full of wind.
"Who do you think is shameless?" Fate Maria blushed with anger and argued.
"Why don’t you make it clear to me or you’ll see?" Destiny blushed.
"Whoever is shameless is who" Silk is not afraid of the threat of Maria, the goddess of fate, and her tone is still cold.
Yu called Rowling to a low place and asked, "What’s wrong?"
Rowling didn’t good the spirit say with smile "not because of you …"
"Because of me?" Yu Long paused and said, "What can I do for you?"
"Why is it none of your business?" Rowling said, "If it weren’t for you, how could they have quarreled? By the way, the goddess of fate deliberately told filar silk that she was dying …"
Long Yuwen was depressed. This goddess is really ridiculous. Is this what the goddess should say?
In fact, what filar silk is upset about is that the goddess of fate deliberately shows off her words and provocations in front of her, and she happened to see what happened that day. Do you think she can be angry?
The two women quarreled and the enemy grew stronger.
Yu Long quickly inserted into the two hey hey way "two look in my face it calculate? Don’t make so much noise "Yu Long although know two women don’t behave in such a way, but I’m still afraid of them a fight from embarrassment.
See Yu Long come out to stop the fight.
Two women together hum a turned their heads to express their dissatisfaction with Yu Long.
"Maria, you should be too broad-minded and tolerant. It’s okay. What are you doing with filar silk?" Long Yu gently scolded, "What can’t you do for me?"
Hearing this, filar silk looks a lot better.
Obviously, Yu Long read this to people’s hearts. She protested in Yu Long and took a bite of "Xiaoyu, that’s very kind of you …".
She is happy that Leah, the goddess of fate, will naturally not be happy. Seeing that Silk is secretly playing with her hands, she unconsciously grunted, "I also said that others are shameless and I am not a good person … You all know how to tease men in public."
Filar silk is no way "? I’m Xiaoyu’s fiancee and he’s my fiance. Is there anything wrong with us being affectionate? "
"fiancee?" Maria, the goddess of fate, went on the rampage and said, "I’m still his wife?" What is a fiancee? "
Filar silk smell speech put Yu Long hands rested on her hips "what is your wife? Who admitted it? Why don’t you seal it yourself Shameless … "
"Hum!" I didn’t know you had an affair with Pangu in those days. A woman like you doesn’t deserve a Xiaoyu woman.